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What Does Sarah Palin Really Think About Potential GOP Presidential Fron...



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Paul Ryan Gets Standing

How Racism Should Be Defined - Part 1

The way I see racism should be (at least in the media and politics) defined in two different ways.

1) The pejorative invocation of race for the purpose of demeaning, debasing, or dismissing an individual or group.

2) The complimentary invocation of race for the purpose of implying the superiority of an individual or group.

Therefore whenever someone says "predominantly white tea party," or "of course so-and-so is a good at (Insert activity) his is (Insert race)" etc. then it is a racist statement regardless of the source of the comment.

Do not talk to me about code words, dog whistle politics, etc. because until the Amazing Randi certifies you are a mind reader then you have no credibility; especially when you are the same one invoking race.

Part 2 will cite specific examples of racism as I have defined it.

Glenn Reynolds on the Birth of Instapundit & How an Army of Davids Chang...

Mark Steyn: The 'Fifty-three Percent'

Thomas Sowell - Political Issues

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BARACK FOR BRAZIL!! (Featuring an All-Star Cast)

Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek Round Two

Enjoy and learn.
Hat Tip Econ Stories

Examining Black Loyalty to Democrats

Arrested for Singing "Kung fu fighting"

A man was arrested in the UK for singing this song. So I am posting this for solidarity.

Mr Simon Ledger was arrested after a Chinese passer-by overheard the song being performed in the Driftwood Bar in Sandown and promptly made a complaint. A Hampshire Police spokesperson said they received a complaint from a 32-year-old man of Chinese origin who claimed he had been subject to racial abuse...Read More

UPDATE: A musician has been released without charge by police after his performance of the song Kung Fu Fighting at a bar caused an alleged racism row...Read more

Andrew Breitbart Interview with Lee Doren

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Obama's Birth Certifcate It is NOT FAKE people get over it!

I hate to rain on the birther parade but the “know” authentic version (Susan Nordyke birth certificate) was made/copies/reproduced in 1966. Obama’s copy was from two weeks ago. The differences are wholly in different copy technology. Address this and then we can talk.

The different layers are because you have a (likely) microfiche document printed on “official” paper (anyone who has ever gotten “official” college transcripts has seen something like this). Then it was scanned and made into a pdf. Illustrator tried to be smart and identified part of a scanned document that it thinks are separate and assigns them layer. That is what is seen on this document and even if there were un-closed layers in the original doc. The act of making the pdf would negate them. Get over it people and let’s get on with defeating him in 2012 by kicking his butt on the issues!”

Obama's Birth Certificate

Whittle's 6 Amendments to Fix America: Fair Taxes, Term Limits, Fiscal R...

Paul Ryan Sets The Record Straight

John Stossel - Evolution To Liberty

Susie Castillo Sexually Assaulted TSA Style

Klavan & Whittle: Tolerating Intolerance & the Death of Mankind

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Thuggery 101: Union Official, Professor Teach College Course in Violent...

UMSL and UMKC are part of the PUBLIC University of Missouri system. That's right Missouri tax dollars at work.

Anti-Palin Attack Machine Going Way Beyond Rational Debate

Anti-Palin attack machine going way beyond rational debate. How any objective observer can watch and read the psychotic attacks against Sarah Palin and not question the sanity of the attacker is beyond me.

I wonder if the insane intensity of these attacks will backfire on the attackers. It is one thing to spin a policy dispute to make a rival seem, uncaring, mean, etc. However, it is an entirely different thing the throw buckets of hate gas on the flame of disagreement. It has gotten to a level of ridiculous. I am actually inclined to vote for Palin precisely because of they are doing to her.

As much as they say she can't win, is a light weight, that they want her to bring it on, the truth is they know she can win. They are terrified of her, because she not only represents everything they hate but because her mere existence is antithetical to their own socio-feminist-collectivist narratives.

KENNETH P. VOGEL of Politio's take:

She is a promiscuous, petty and unintelligent, yet deviously conniving warmonger intent on capturing the Oval Office and, from there, the world.
Those are just some of the opinions about Sarah Palin held by members of a small but extremely active network of gadflies, bloggers and authors who have devoted much of the last 2½ years to proving their case to American voters.

This self-styled anti-Palin movement — whose members span the globe and are mostly but not exclusively liberals — has been behind some embarrassing revelations about the former Alaska governor, her family and allies. But some of their leading theories have been thoroughly discredited and earned them widespread criticism...Read more

To see some of this hate just Google Image search Sarah Palin the first page alone has sexist hateful vile examples of the unhinged attacks on her.

Stossel - Privacy VS Secrecy 4/21/2011

Walter E Williams - Balanced Budget Amendment

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Henry Hazlitt - Economics in One Lesson

Atlas Shrugged Part 1 Review

I finally got to see Atlas Shrugged today, so you finally get the benefit of my review. A few caveats before I begin. First some movies are not reviewable by the same standards used to evaluate most films. Examples of this are The Passion of the Christ and Harry Potter (all films).

The Passion of the Christ is impossible to review because if you are a devote Christian the movie passionately recreates the central story and theme of the entire religion, any production deficiencies are not of consequence for those who embrace the story religiously (literally). Conversely a person not a Christian or not sympathetic to Christianity might see the same film as a virtual snuff film with little redeeming qualities.

The Harry Potter movies are based on the most popular contemporary novels. The books are beloved by millions around the world. The books are long and filled with numerous sub-plots, red herrings, and subtleties that can not easily be translated to film. Watching the films without the context of having read the books or at least without some understanding of the plots and themes is at best confusing and at worst frustrating. Once again those who have read the books love the movies as a supplemental visualization of the stories they love. This makes Harry Potter a tough review because to review the movie is in effect to review the books either together or as juxtaposition. The two can not really be separated.

Atlas Shrugged suffers from both the issue of being based on a huge novel with sub-plots and subtleties as well as being based on an ideology; an ideology that is antithetical to that which is put forth in our “pop” culture.

What Atlas Shrugged is must be addressed with reviewing the novel or film. Rather than being dystopian prophecy it is a parable of the battle between individualism and collectivism. Collectivist will scoff at the idea that a greedy businessman could be acting morally in his pursuit of wealth. However, Ayn Rand believed that this is not a contradiction. Complicated personalities, like Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds’, do not fit into this type of philosophical novel. Therefore she wrote her characters as almost cartoonish caricatures devoid of some of the complexity one might otherwise hope for in a different kind of story.

With these caveats in mind I will put forth my review from the following perspectives. Does the movie effectively express the themes of the novel for those who do not possess the context of reading the novel? Will devotees of the novel appreciate its cinematic treatment in this film?

I will not try to interpret the film from the perspective of someone who possesses both the context of having read the novel and who hold hostilities to its ideology. These people cannot be expected to give it a fair review, not because they are dishonest but because no film based on this novel, no matter how well made, could be expected to satisfy them and still stay true to the source material.

Milton Friedman - The Results Of Good Intentions

Milton Friedman - The Nationalization Of Energy

Milton Friedman - The Consequences Of Minimum Wages

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Ann Coulter: Reagan Democrats: 'Tea Baggers' or MSNBC Viewers?

Great new article by Ann Coulter
Among the most preposterous claims being made on MSNBC about the fight over public sector unions in Wisconsin is that Gov. Scott Walker and the Republicans are losing "Reagan Democrats" by taking on government employees.

The theory seems to have been concocted by Howard Fineman, editor at The Huffington Post, who said, back in February on Lawrence O'Donnell's "The Last Word," that the "whole idea of a Reagan Democrat" was that union families were voting for Reagan. But today, according to Fineman, they are shifting against Republicans because of Walker's tough line on government unions. "That's got to scare Republican strategists nationally," he said.

Private sector unions are as similar to public sector unions as they are to gay civil unions.

But again on "Hardball," Fineman said that while Ronald Reagan appealed to union members, their "sons and daughters" were "having second thoughts..."
Read More

Milton Friedman - The Welfare Establishment

Freedom Watch - Michele Bachmann's Hat Is In The Ring 4/21/2011

Barney Frank vs. Paul Ryan

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16 Year Old Understands Tea Party Better Than Democrats

Video: Nullification – Tenth Amendment Center Blog

Video: Nullification – Tenth Amendment Center Blog

The Associated Press Really Likes the Progressive Income Tax for the “Rich”

The Associated Press Really Likes the Progressive Income Tax for the “Rich”

Although the Associated Press purports to be a news service, sometimes the articles it publishes read more like opinion pieces. Today, an article from the AP did just that. This “news” article was linked at the top of the Drudge Report.

The article, entitled “Super rich see federal taxes drop dramatically,” seems less dedicated to straight reporting than to the subtle promotion of progressive tax policy: taxing the “rich” more while removing tax breaks...

Read More: The Associated Press Really Likes the Progressive Income Tax for the “Rich”

Freedom Watch - The Monster Created By Progressives,Income Tax 4/18/2011

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Stossel - Atlas Shrugged Opens Tonight 4/15/2011

The IRS Running Amok: Forcing Americans Banks to Put Foreign Tax Law Abo...

McCotter Reaction to POTUS: "Soak the rich; spend the bread" - bad idea ...

The Laffer Curve, Parts I, II, and III

The 22-23 minutes you spend watching these videos is well worth the effort. If you have to watch just one, then skip to part III.

Thanks goes to Freedom and Prosperity for creating and posting these videos for our benefit.

Freedom Watch - Allen West With The Big Picture 4/14/2011

Paul Ryan & Charlie Rose on The Path to Prosperity

Thomas Sowell - Words vs Realities

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Obama and the Worst Speech Ever?

Chicago school bans homemade lunches

Muslim Woman from Georgia Admits Sending Bloody Pig's Foot to Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.)

I hear crickets coming from the old guard media. MSNBC...? CBS...? ABC...? Nothing? Nothing at all? Still waiting.
Muslim Woman from Georgia Admits Sending Bloody Pig's Foot to Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.)

Mr Thompson for "Head of the State"

Atlas Is Shrugging

Hero of the Week: Jon Blais - The Blazeman

Born and raised in Seekonk, Massachusetts, he moved to San Diego, California, because of its reputation as a mecca for triathlon. He worked as a special education teacher. On May 2, 2005, at age 33, he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or "Lou Gehrig's disease"), a progressive disease in which the nerve cells which control voluntary muscle movement degenerate and die off. He was permitted to enter the 2005 Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii, a life-long dream. He is believed to be the first person with ALS to attempt the Hawaii Ironman. As Blais put it, "Finishing the race is huge for me. No one is beating ALS. No one has done anything but walk away and die." With a total time of 16:28:56, more than half an hour before the cutoff, he "log-rolled" across the finish line and is certainly the first person with ALS to finish this race. He died on May 27, 2007.

In our days some international triathletes show their support for the fight against this disease by doing a “Blazeman-Roll” crossing the finish-line.

Here is a quote from a YouTube commenter:
When we think of "tough" we think of Boxing or MMA John Wayne, but the real bad asses are people like Jon Blais who show courage and will in a fight they know they have no chance of winning and there's no trainer or ref to toss in the towel.

The Blazeman Foundation Website

Sessions Defends Ryan Budget

We Need More Than A 'Vision,' Sessions Says--We Need A Plan

Freedom Watch - Please Save Us O Obama 4/13/2011

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The Broken Window Fallacy

Freedom Watch - April Shakedown 4/11/2011

Obama Administration: "Gangster Government in Action" - An Interview wit...

Imaginary job numbers could lead to real trouble -

Imaginary job numbers could lead to real trouble -
I touched on this issue of assumed jobs in my post on The Spinning of Employment and Unemployment Numbers.
John Cudele at the New Your Post expand upon this issue in his latest article.
...Early this month Labor reported that 216,000 new jobs were created in March. It was better than Wall Street expected.

But the figure included 117,000 jobs that the department thinks, but can't prove, were created by newly formed companies that might not even exist. In fact, the department is getting so optimistic about the labor market that it increased this imaginary job count from just 81,000 in March, 2010...
Read More at The New York Post

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Freedom Watch - In The Name Of Safety 4/8/2011

Stossel - Let's Call The Tea Party,The American People

As Shutdown Looms, Sessions Challenges Elitism Of Those Protecting Big G...

Walter E Williams - Free Market Hostility

Bachmann: The Democrats Want to Shut Down the Government

Canine Angel saves Boy from Cougar - Dog fights off Wild Animal

Old story but I am a sucker for dog hero stories.

Sessions Scolds Dem Leaders On Shutdown: American People 'Not Going To B...

Freedom Watch - America On The Brink 4/7/2011

Andrew Klavan: Barack the Magic Suit, A Political Fairy Tale.


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Hero of the Week: Liam Loesch

This week’s hero is Liam Loesch who demonstrated great composure and maturity, well beyond his ten years, when his mother Dana Loesch was injured by falling down the stairs in their St Louis home.

This is how Dana described the incident and Liam’s actions during the aftermath (NOTE this story is paraphrased for brevity and clarity, from Dana’s radio show, by me):

We have hardwood floors in our house and because I am a genius, I decided to wear just my sox and go down our solid wood stairs. As I am going down the stairs; have you ever had one of those whisky tango foxtrot moments, when you are like, what is happening..? Well I happen to look up and my feet are right in front of my face. At this point everything went into slow-mo. I look and I ask myself “why are my feet in front of my face are, they don’t belong there?” Then it hits me, if they are there then they are not on the floor. Then everything surged into real time…and I literally fell down an entire flight of stairs.

I did not hit my head but I did fracture my tailbone… I was carrying a ceramic mug of water that broke. This upset me more than anything else because it was my very first mother’s day gift that Chris [Dana’s husband, owner/producer of Shock City Studios] got at an art fair. Then I realize I am cut up everywhere. I have cuts on my wrists and cuts on my arms. There is water everywhere oh yeah and blood…there was a pool of blood on the stairs, all over the place!

I am home alone with my two boys. My husband was out getting some lunch and was going to be gone about 10-15 minutes. My six year old Ewan was hysterical, screaming and I have tears rolling down my face. I am trying not to freak out, because you can’t be the parent and freak out in front of your kids. So I am like, “ah mommy fell, oh.”

Well Liam, who just turned ten, kicked into Bear Grylls mode and he was like “let me have your phone and I going to call dad I am going to do this…” He got some paper towels. He was wiping up blood. He was like “did you hit your head?” He kept talking to me like he knew exactly what to do. I momentarily forgot how I had nearly split myself in half. I could not believe how he was so methodical, he was so take charge and he was trying to calm Ewan down who was hysterical and talking about how much he hated stairs


Who can win the Presidency Part 2: How to Guarantee a GOP Victory

In my previous post on “Who can win the presidency” I detailed how on many occasions the “unelectable” candidate wins. I will not rehash those reasons now, rather I am going to give a very simple plan that will guarantee a GOP victory.

For the GOP to win the presidency they need only follow these steps:

Step 1:
Play tough but fair in the Republican primary. Hash out the trunk issues that will dominate the general election. The candidates must not forget that the aim is not to destroy the other GOP candidates rather to pitch your case why they should get the honor of squaring off against the Democrats nominee.

Freedom Watch - Coming To America 4/5/2011

Paul Ryan Challenges Critics

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Dagny Taggart Confronts the Union

With No Budget Plan Of Their Own, Dem Senate Leaders Disparage Concerned...

Hope Isn't Hiring @

Obama's First 2012 Campaign Ad...If this is all he's got then he is in trouble

Hat Tip: Daily Caller

Wow is this the best they can do?

Tim Pawlenty resopnds faster then Michael Mooore can eat a sandwich.

Veronique de Rugy Discusses the Truth About Deficits and the Debt

Hat tip: Reason TV

More From Veronique de Rugy:
Where's that inflation? The monetary base has ballooned, yet inflation remains far off. Or does it?(Columns)(Column): An article from: Reason

Destroying jobs in order to save them: Obama's corporate tax "reforms" make a bad situation worse.(Columns): An article from: Reason

The death of fiscal federalism: it's been a long time since economic policy was forged in the states.(Column): An article from: Reason

Are you better off than you were 40 years ago? Government has grown, but freedom has grown faster.(Column): An article from: Reason

Milton Friedman - Welfare State Dynamics

Candidacy for Presidency: Ronald Reagans announcement of Candidacy for P...

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President Barack Obama's First Ad of 2012

Terry Jones Is Not Responsible for the Murders of United Nations Workers.

Andrew Klavan: Behold! Your Public Sector Unions at Work.

PJTV: The Power & Danger of Iconography

This video is a little old but it is still quite good.


Stranded tsunami dog rescued in Japan

You got to love a good dog story.

Hat Tip ITN News

How Tax Cuts Can Create Jobs


Freedom Watch - The Plain Truth (missed from last night) 4/1/2011

Only One Answer,Destroy The Socialists 2012