Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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Is Being Pro States Rights Racist? Al Sharpton Says The Tea Party is An...

This is an issue we libertarians/conservatives on which we need to educate ourselves. The "states’ rights" issue was used by Democrats as an excuse for all manner of individual rights suppression. People like Sharpton know that and use it to twist the debate. This is a more complicated issue than it might seems, when we in the Tea Party speak of states’ rights we mean a much different thing than did the people defending slavery and subsequent discriminations. The GOP was founded on the principles of individual liberty and rejected the argument that "owning" people was not in conflict with this. The fact that Tea Partiers now use the 10th amendment arguments has nothing what so ever to do with suppression of liberty. It is just the opposite we use states' rights to protect liberty.

This post is far from comprehensive. I barely scratch the surface. I suggest everyone educate themselves on the history of states’ rights, it is a fascinating study. Also, I recommend people read up on the 1964 presidential election and how much it changed the political landscape.

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Cuba to Qatar Should Get to Vote for US President: Radicals Ayers and Dohrn Preach One World Government in Lebanon

These people have no interest in the best interests of the USA. Actaully, their interests are in complete conflict with that of the USA. They are just as much terrorists as they have always been they just use a different mode to terrorize.

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