Friday, December 14, 2012

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PJTV: Rotten Tomatoes Reviews "The Hobbit"

PJTV: Does NBC Want to Take Religion Out of Christmas?

PJTV: Evan Sayet Talks About His Latest Book "The Kindergarden of Eden"

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Mursi opponents supporters clash on eve of referendum

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Dozens Killed in Connecticut School Shooting

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Bobby Jindal: GOP Should Back Over-the-Counter Birth Control

PJTV: No Dice for Rice: Susan Rice Will Not Be Secretary of State

Rudy Giuliani on Susan Rice

Glittering Jewels of Collossal Ignorance » Nancy Pelosi and Sheila Jacks...

RG3: Not "Black Enough"

Google Hangout on Right-to-Work

Steynamite in The Arena

Yaron Answers: Do Palestinians Have Property Rights?

"The Power of Christmas"

Yaron Answers: Should The Government Stop Price Gouging?

Yaron Answers: Asymmetrical Information

Soldier Surprised by Family During 'Good Morning America' Interview with...

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Benedict XVI: Christmas trees reflect God's light in world

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Save Us Chuck - Stupid Laws (Maryland)

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Sen. Fred Thompson on Israel-Hamas conflict

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SEC & Crowdfunding: Just Do Your Job

Does the American media tilt against Israel?

Stunning Meterological Revelation

Senate Dems Want ObamaCare Waivers pt5 + We Need More Like This Former Lib

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Carney Confirms » Boehner Must Confess pt2

Panetta, Karzai weigh future of US soldiers in Afghanistan

Transfer of political power in Mali

The Syrian regime 'is approaching collapse': NATO

Record number of budget deficit worries Americans

Islamist Egypt: Cairo court prosecutes atheist for blasphemy on eve of c...

Syrian Civil War: Damascus airport still working despite ongoing battle ...

[NOT AN ENDORSEMENT] 'US playing dangerous game with Iran'

Jackie Chan protest remarks: actor says freedoms should be restricted

Today in History for December 14th