Friday, April 29, 2011

Paul Ryan Gets Standing

How Racism Should Be Defined - Part 1

The way I see racism should be (at least in the media and politics) defined in two different ways.

1) The pejorative invocation of race for the purpose of demeaning, debasing, or dismissing an individual or group.

2) The complimentary invocation of race for the purpose of implying the superiority of an individual or group.

Therefore whenever someone says "predominantly white tea party," or "of course so-and-so is a good at (Insert activity) his is (Insert race)" etc. then it is a racist statement regardless of the source of the comment.

Do not talk to me about code words, dog whistle politics, etc. because until the Amazing Randi certifies you are a mind reader then you have no credibility; especially when you are the same one invoking race.

Part 2 will cite specific examples of racism as I have defined it.

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