Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sen. Paul predicts 'enormous, ugly' fiscal bill

The Islamist Winter?: Israel looks on with concern as Egypt plots out it...

Gun Control Politics Defined by Greg Gutfeld - The Five - 12-18-12

PJTV: The Country is in the Hands of a Bunch of Empty Suits

Texas school allows teachers to carry concealed weapons

Instead of Gun Control, How About 'Young People Control'?

NBC's Ed Schultz Doubles-Down: CONFISCATE ALL GUNS

Krauthammer: Whatever They're Paying Jay Carney It's Not Enough

Off-duty Deputy Halts Gunman In Theater Lobby - KENS5 San Antonio

Comfort Dogs Help Out In Newtown, CT | NewsBreaker | Ora TV

Left Mobilizes to Politicize CT Shooting pt4 + Libs Rewrite History pt2 ...

NBC Reporter Richard Engel Escapes Syrian Captors | NewsBreaker | Ora TV

[WHY!!?] Polio vaccinators killed in Pakistan

How the Marines Saved Christmas

Pamela Geller speaks at Gotham Tea Party

Address to the Nation on Strategic Arms Reduction and Nuclear Deterrence...

[WHY DOES THIS MATTER??] GOP Downplays Appointment of Only Black U.S. Senator

So-Called Democratic "Moderates" McCaskill, Manchin and Warner Call For ...

NBC News Crew Unharmed After Kidnapping

Leave Junk Food Addicts Alone, Libs! + 'Assault Weapon' is a Manufacture...

Mark Levin: "How Come Obama Did Not Mention Fort Hood?"

FOX NEWS - No Warrants Necessary


Newtown survivor's story: Man finds six schoolchildren on doorstep

Save Us Chuck - Obama's Christmas List

Marine Veteran awarded Silver Star

The Politics of Dead Children

Syrian Civil War: Palestinians protest deadly bombing of refugee camp

Fake gun attack video: IDF releases footage of Palestinian killed while ...

Confronting Hungarian Antisemitism: Jewish minister in defiant attack on...

Texas Gun Shop Owner Offers Discount to Teachers

An Interesting E-Mail on Young, White Males

Syrian rebels struggle to govern: administrative chaos offers hint of po...

Bethlehem Christmas Season 2012: 25,000 Christian pilgrims set to visit ...

I Don't Pretend to Have the Answers pt2

I Don't Pretend to Have the Answers pt1 + We Need Lunatic Control pt1

Firefighter: 'We'll be scarred forever'

Libtalker Exploits Newtown To Push Anti-NFL Player Agenda

Megyn Kelly Breaks Down Crying During Sandy Hook Shooting Segment - 12/1...

Heart Wrenching

Today in History for December 18th

The Left Won't Allow Facts to Get in the Way of Their Agenda pt3