Monday, December 17, 2012

The Left Won't Allow Facts to Get in the Way of Their Agenda pt2

The Left Won't Allow Facts to Get in the Way of Their Agenda pt1

We're Living the Collapse of Our Culture

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Gun sales on the rise after Conn. shooting

GOD, GUNS & Goodness

'I am Adam Lanza's mother' a cry for help

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Anonymous Going After Westboro Baptist Church Loons

I generally consider "Anonymous" a terrorist organization. I also consider the Westboro Baptist Church to be vile disgusting human beings. So I do not know what I think about this. However, I plan to just sit back and let what I see as enemies do their worst to each other.

Posted in Honor of Sen Daniel Inouye: 442nd Regiment of WWII

Memorial Tribute To My Beloved Pet

I posted this on Facebook a few days ago but I wanted a more public memorial for my believed pet, so here it is
At about 12:05 PM on December 12,2012 I was sitting on the couch with my dog Babydog. She was looking very weak and her breathing was more labored than it had been thus far. My heart went out to my suffering dog and I prayed that the time until our 2:15 appointment to have her put into her final sleep would pass quickly.

I stroked her head and told her that if she need to go then to please don’t stay on my account. I am not sure if I was saying that to her or asking God to end her suffering. I put on Taylor Swift/Civil Wars “Safe and Sound.” Within moments, her breathing got very labored and I picked her up and held her against my chest and looked into her eyes. Before the song ended, she took two gasps and left this world.

The last day of her life was one filled with love and affection and she left this world in the arms of the person she loved the more than anyone and who loved her the most. I am thankful to God for having had her in my life and for letting her last moments be as loving as anyone could have hoped.

When I took her to the vet to make final arrangements, I had the vet tech read the following prayer because I could not get the worlds out:

Heavenly Father, Creator of all things, thank you for having entrusted us with a loyal pet. Thank you for letting her teach us unselfish love. Thank you for the memories that we can recall to brighten our days for the rest of our lives. Finally, in gratitude, we return our pet to you. Amen.

Babydog 3/20/2002-12/12/2012
Beloved pet and friend

PJTV: Democrats Love Violence

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We've created a subculture of people that don't produce (by Peter Schiff)


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What's Right About Social Justice

I'm Surprised You're Surprised

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