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Daily Kos Kiddies Debate the Use of Violence

Daily Kos Kiddies Debate the Use of Violence

To be fair there were a lot of commenters who debated strongly against violence. But some like the excerpt below were not exactly repulsed by the idea.

...Some examples where I think you can morally use violence (if you have enough force to use it effectively). A large, burly man is beating the shit out of a young girl. A bunch of cops are beating unarmed people. A soldier is firing into civilian houses. Strikebreakers, either cops or private security, are trying to destroy your picket line to allow scabs through. Cops are trying to evict someone from their home. A rich person is living off the labor of his employees, making their lives miserable.

Now, violence may not be wise in any of those situations, but I think it's use is morally justifiable, insofar as it isn't used far past the point needed to end the initial (unjustified) violence.

So that's me. I cannot and will not ignore power relationships when I look at the issue of violence.

To put it in terms more concretely relevant, I think pretty much any focused, non-innocent-harming violence by Occupiers against police, employers, politicians, soldiers - whatever agents of the 1% are arrayed against them - is inherently morally justifiable. If it crosses that line (say, instead of just throwing rocks at the cops beating unarmed people until they run away, you capture and torture them for hours), only then will I join in morally condemning the violence...

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