Monday, October 15, 2012

Today in History for October 16th

Thomas Sowell - A Health Care Crisis

Marco Rubio: "Biden Is The Best Thing We've Got Going"

NBC 17 News: Chapel Hill runs anti-Israel ads, but refuses pro-Israel ads

Atlas Shrugs Interview: Lt. Colonel Allen West Free Speech Summit

Space Shuttle Rolling Through L.A. - Rollin' With Adam Carolla - O'Reill...

Desparate Times For Liberal Tweeters - Ann Coulter - Sean Hannity - (Ful...

Rand PAC Foreign Aid Claire McCaskill

Escape from North Korea

Voter Fraud 101

The Truth about Tax "Fairness"

Allen West-10/12/2012

Obama Gave Us a Phone

Huge Line for Romney Event: October 11, 2012

Never Gonna Stand For This!

Join the Fight Against the Washington Establishment on October 16

"It's OK" (TV Ad)

NBC's Chuck Todd: Looks Like Race Is Structurally Changing With Romney L...

OH NO, JOE: Biden-Ryan Debate No Laughing Matter When it Comes to Future...

Outbreak of Regulation! Meningitis Outbreak Could Lead to Fewer, More Ex...

Terrorism Winning: Does YouTube Coddle Terrorists and Insult Free Speech

Hair of the Dog - Biden's Beau: Veep's Son Defends Dad's Bizarre Cackling

Obama Campaign Plummets Faster than the Speed of Sound and Spins Out of ...

OBAMA'S CHANGES! (Official Song)