Saturday, December 15, 2012


Save Us Chuck - Conservative Game Show Hosts

Christmas Goat Set Ablaze by Arsonists

Mark Levin: Politicians pushing gun control agenda immediately ‘are a disgrace’ [AUDIO]

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Ban Guns DAMN IT!

New film highlights veterans' return to Pearl Harbor

Victim's father: Emilie was bright, creative

"Dead Kids for Christmas"

Possible Motive Discovered In CT School Massacre | Newsbreaker | OraTV

N Korean Anchorwoman FREAKS OUT Over Rocket Launch | Newsbreaker | OraTV

Public Reactions to School Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut

Raw: Flowers Outside U.S. Embassy in Moscow

Connecticut School Shooting: Making Sense of the Newtown Massacre

Russia breaks up anti-Putin rally, detains leaders

Coping with the Newtown school shooting

Psychologists Advise Parents, Children On Coping With CT School Shooting

Healing and Moving Forward

CT shooting: How parents can help kids cope

GBTV: Fr. Jonathan Morris

Glen Beck uncovers the middle east riots & Egypt

Syrian regime intensifies airstrikes as opposition fighters advance

Vatican tree lighting heralds Christmas season

Vicki Soto: Sandy Hook Teacher Killed While Protecting Students

Criminal Psychologist: Every One of These Episodes Is Proceeded By Undia...

Poll shows Americans still support Israel: Only 10% of Americans sympath...

Death penalty for blasphemy: Kuwait introduces capital punishment for re...

PJTV: Roger L. Simon Discusses New Play "The Party Line"