Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hero of the Week: Liam Loesch

This week’s hero is Liam Loesch who demonstrated great composure and maturity, well beyond his ten years, when his mother Dana Loesch was injured by falling down the stairs in their St Louis home.

This is how Dana described the incident and Liam’s actions during the aftermath (NOTE this story is paraphrased for brevity and clarity, from Dana’s radio show, by me):

We have hardwood floors in our house and because I am a genius, I decided to wear just my sox and go down our solid wood stairs. As I am going down the stairs; have you ever had one of those whisky tango foxtrot moments, when you are like, what is happening..? Well I happen to look up and my feet are right in front of my face. At this point everything went into slow-mo. I look and I ask myself “why are my feet in front of my face are, they don’t belong there?” Then it hits me, if they are there then they are not on the floor. Then everything surged into real time…and I literally fell down an entire flight of stairs.

I did not hit my head but I did fracture my tailbone… I was carrying a ceramic mug of water that broke. This upset me more than anything else because it was my very first mother’s day gift that Chris [Dana’s husband, owner/producer of Shock City Studios] got at an art fair. Then I realize I am cut up everywhere. I have cuts on my wrists and cuts on my arms. There is water everywhere oh yeah and blood…there was a pool of blood on the stairs, all over the place!

I am home alone with my two boys. My husband was out getting some lunch and was going to be gone about 10-15 minutes. My six year old Ewan was hysterical, screaming and I have tears rolling down my face. I am trying not to freak out, because you can’t be the parent and freak out in front of your kids. So I am like, “ah mommy fell, oh.”

Well Liam, who just turned ten, kicked into Bear Grylls mode and he was like “let me have your phone and I going to call dad I am going to do this…” He got some paper towels. He was wiping up blood. He was like “did you hit your head?” He kept talking to me like he knew exactly what to do. I momentarily forgot how I had nearly split myself in half. I could not believe how he was so methodical, he was so take charge and he was trying to calm Ewan down who was hysterical and talking about how much he hated stairs


Who can win the Presidency Part 2: How to Guarantee a GOP Victory

In my previous post on “Who can win the presidency” I detailed how on many occasions the “unelectable” candidate wins. I will not rehash those reasons now, rather I am going to give a very simple plan that will guarantee a GOP victory.

For the GOP to win the presidency they need only follow these steps:

Step 1:
Play tough but fair in the Republican primary. Hash out the trunk issues that will dominate the general election. The candidates must not forget that the aim is not to destroy the other GOP candidates rather to pitch your case why they should get the honor of squaring off against the Democrats nominee.

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