Sunday, November 18, 2012

John Stossel - Unions: The Costs & Benefits 9/20/12

John Stossel - Party Crashers: The Libertarian, Constitution, & Socialis...

John Stossel - The DNC: Dems' Pro-Choice Hypocrisy, GM Bailouts, Publicl...

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Judge Napolitano on Social Security 'If It's Not a Ponzi Scheme, I Don't...

Today in History for November 19th

SF Supervisors Vote on Public Nudity Ban

Democrats Racist History

Pro-Israel Group Provokes Palestine Solidarity Protest

Mark Levin:Democrat Racism 101

Romney Adviser Blames ‘Far Right’ For Republican Failure With Hispanics

Blaming the "Right Wing" for Romney loss is ignorant. People like this (especially because HE failed to get more then Romney more than 27% of Latino vote). We cannot keep incentivizing illegal immigration. We just can't. We need to do the following:

  1. Lock down the border, TIGHT!
  2. Dramatically simplify the immigration process
  3. Punish severely those people who knowingly hire people not authorizes to work in the USA
  4. Sanction those people who have violated the process by making them pay sufficient fines that the marginal cost of cheating the immigration laws is greater then the benefit
  5. Servery punish those who aid illegal aliens in their identity and Social Security fraud efforts
  6. Welcome with open arms those who want to come to this country legally

GOP Strategist: Party Needs Views That Aren’t ‘Right Out Of Rush Limbaugh’s Dream Journal’

No! What we need is to get rid of people like you in the GOP who want the us to become effectively Democrats!

Bomb Explodes Right Near Anderson Cooper During Live Report From Gaza

A Frustrated Chris Wallace Asks: How Can GOP Appeal To Middle Class While Refusing Tax Increase For Top 2%?

OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE: Israel hospital moves its patients to forti...

OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE: Emergency supplies cross Israel-Gaza border

Pillar Of Defense: Fifth Day Recap

OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE: Israel's Peres says Hamas using human shields

OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE: Jews at Western Wall pray for Israelis unde...

"Elvis the Terrorist"

Interview: European Jewish Union CEO Tomer Orni on Gaza, Balkans outreac...

Hamas' Claims: True or False? (Part 3)

Gulity of Manslaughter. Sentenced to Church?!

The Shabbos experience: Jewish rite of passage gaining in global popularity

OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE: new Iron Dome batteries score direct hits


OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE: Israeli security services watch the skies f...

Golan Heights tension: IDF fires at Syrian troops after stray fire

UK Jewish community reacts to Welsh organ donor proposals

Friedrich Hayek on Keynesian Economics

Thomas Sowell: The Majority Myth

Marco Rubio Headlines Annual Branstad Birthday Fundraiser

Government Is The Problem-Obama Administration Is The Problem

Obama in Thailand Accepts Prayers for Tax Hikes

Rick Santelli: Jon Corzine Destroyed MF Global

Rick Santelli: Great Tax and Deficit Rant

Rick Santelli: It's All About Entitlements

Rick Santelli: Are We Repeating 1936?

Rick Santelli: Another Housing Bailout Coming

IDF Ensures Passage of Supplies from Israel to Gaza

Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles: Interesting Data on Our Deficit and Debt

Alan Simpson vs Grover Norquist

Bankrupt Energy Company Recieved Money From White House on Day of Filing

MSNBC Anchor Tells Israeli Ambassador Hamas Rockets ‘Rarely Do Damage’

This is pathetic. Sick really. I have seen a more balanced view on Al Jazeera

h/t The Blaze

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Bad news: Turns out it’s sexist and racist to criticize Susan Rice for giving bad information to the public

This is getting really really old. h/t Hot Air

The video auto runs WHICH I HATE, so select the following link to CNS News to see it:
Congressional Black Caucus Chair Accuses John McCain of 'Racism and Sexism' | CNS News

Here is some additional context

Bill Kristol: A lot of Tea Party Members Don't Care If We Raise Taxes on...

He could NOT be more WRONG!

What Does the IDF Do to Avoid Civilian Casualties?

Primary school teachers 'could face sack' for refusing to promote gay marriage

Via UK Telegraph 
Liz Truss, an education minister, refused to rule out the possibility that teachers, even in faith schools, could face disciplinary action for objecting on grounds of conscience.

Miss Truss said simply that it was impossible to know what the impact of the legislation would be at this stage.

Her admission came in a letter to a fellow Conservative MP, David Burrowes, last month. Mr Burrowes, a practising Christian, originally wrote to Maria Miller, the equalities minister, raising concerns about the impact on schools of the Coalition’s plans to change the marriage laws... 
Read More at UK Telegraph 
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Panic in Tel Aviv

Israel under attack

Rocket wrap

INTERVIEW: European Jewish Union's Tomer Orni discusses the Gaza escalation

Egypt discusses Gaza Israel rocket attack

Israelis visit wall to watch "live war"

IDF Pinpoint Strike on Hamas Operational Communications Infrastructure

IDF Pinpoint Strike on an Underground Launching Site Near Mosque

Palestinian Terrorist Groups Launch Rockets At Israel From Populated Areas

Louie Gohmert speaks to Tea Party Patriots at Freshman Orientation

Nigel Farage on Starbucks CEO's hypocrisy on 'Pay Your Fair Share' while...

OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE: Israel's defence system


OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE: USD 5m aid pledge for Israeli victims of at...

Phil Kerpen Speaks to Tea Party Patriots

OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE: Iron Dome intercepts Gaza rocket fired at T...

OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE: Israel sends tanks and armoured vehicles to...