Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Take on the Veepstakes

Here is my qualitative take on the veepstakes. My analysis is based on my interpretation of what I see and hear from fellow conservatives. Because it is based on my insights and not on polling and some numerical analysis I have categorized it as qualitative.  

This is the sum of my analysis in which I will categorize each prospective candidate based on the reaction I imagine conservatives and Republicans will have if they are announced as the Vice Presidential candidate.

The candidates listed are based on Google’s Veepstake (

List is alphabetical by last name:

Kelly Ayotte – “Who is he or is it she?”

Chris Christie – “Dammit, well at least he is fearless”

Luis Fortuno – “Who? …. It that allowed?”

Bobby Jindal – “Yeah…OK that will work”

Bob McDonald – “Who? Never heard of him”

Tim Pawlenty – “@#$%, you screwed the pooch on this one Mitt”

Rob Portman – “I heard his name but I don’t know anything about him”

Marco Rubio – “Thank God!”

Paul Ryan – “Yeah…OK that’s not bad it will work, and Obama HATES him which is a side benefit”

John Thune – “Yeah OK whatever” 

Marco Rubio: "This is a choice between a guy who has no idea what he's d...

Dang I love Marco. If Mitt does not tap him for Veep then he is making a mistake