Thursday, November 22, 2012

Libyan funds lost abroad

Pathetic Media

Benghazi vs Petraeus


Twinkie Toes

Us report on the progress of French patriots against Islamic fascism

Obama SBA Head Hasn't Heard Of ObamaCare Impacting One Small Business

Attention Walmart Employees

Fast and Furious - Exposed & Analyzed by Kerry Picket & Katie Pavlich - ...

Can US avoid the 'fiscal cliff' in 2013?

Budget fight underway in Brussels

Fog Brings Deadly Pile-Up, Shuts Texas Interstate

The Chicago Way - Analyzed by Jedediah Bila - Sean Hannity - 11-22-12

PJTV: ZoNation: Liberals and Democrats Are Racist, Not Republicans!

Asia Week Ahead: BOJ [Bank of Japan] policy minutes, India GDP in focus.

Will Congress remain deeply divided?

Egyptian president assumes sweeping new powers

Red Dawn Review

I saw the new movie tonight and although the movie is not great, I thought the characters lacked passion and authenticity and the plot was a little contrived, it is not horrible either. The North Korea thing is addressed (hint: the DPK only has control of the Pacific North West, they are like the Cubans in the original). As for the WaPO review that takes cheap shots at the Tea Party and Conservatives, some of his analysis is not completely off base, when he sticks to the film itself, but the cheap shots at the Tea Party are unneeded and unwarranted.

In my opinion the movie felt a lot like a long episode of Falling Skies with the space aliens being replaced with North Koreans and Russians. There are some good America heck yeah moments that people should enjoy, but it lacked the painful grittiness as the original. There is no sense reminiscent of Jennifer Grey wounded and shivering holding a grenade about to kill herself while taking bad guys with her. There was also a surprising lack of blood, you will see more violent violence watching a Freddie Wong video. I think the movie warranted more blood. Its war right, isn't it supposed to be "hell"?

So in summary, 2 ½ stars. Go see if you have already seen Lincoln and Life of Pi.


Anonymous - Now Aligned With Antisemitic Terrorists

It is time for an official declaration by the USA of "Anonymous" as a terrorist organization. Take them out, put any survivors in Gitmo.

Civil war in Syria continues

Hamas Leader: We Accept Palestinian State, ’67 Borders, Right To Return

Israel "Achieves Objectives", Hamas Claims "Game-changing Victory"

Baby boomers and social technology

Man of the moment Morsi to rule Egypt by decree

D8 leaders meet in Pakistan amid tight security

Eat, shop, give thanks in US

Raw: Driver Describes Texas Highway Crash

H- Merkel and Hollande Bilateral Meet Ahead of EU Summit

Lebanese mark Independence Day

11/22/2012 MEDIA WATCH International

News Whiparound - Thursday, November 22nd

How did Jill Kelley become center of CIA scandal?

Greg Gutfeld: Five Reasons to be Thankful for Obama's Re-Election - The ...

Eamonn Fingleton on Wall Street and China Policy

Gaza ceasefire holds... for now

How would our economy cope outside of Europe

Europe and migration

Budget: what is Britain's contribution to the EU?

Europe: A law unto itself?

Reporter Missing After Revealing Death of Five Boys in Bijie City

China's New Power Divide

Premier Wen Jiabao Says He Doesn't Want to be Remembered

China Ecological Challenges May Overwhelm New Leaders

Gazans celebrate "victory" over Israel

Gaza gets back to normal as Hamas struts

11/22/2012 WEBNEWS

11/22/2012 MEDIA WATCH France

Egypt's Morsy grants himself more power

A little Thanksgiving Levity

Obamacare:New regulations from health care law start to go into effect NOW

Cameron v Europe: Britain threatens Eu budget veto

Cougar Carrying Deer Photographed In East Central Missouri!

This picture was supposedly taken outside of Washington Missouri, which is South West of St Louis. I am still working to validate.

ObamaCare s Side Effects Becoming Clear.

Morsi gives himself far-reaching powers

I would be willing to bet he gets the Nobel Peace Prize next year. I am not kidding, he will be credited with ending tyranny in Egypt and end of Gaza offensive. Mark my word, Hillary Clinton might share the award with him.

Tim Allen's Anti-Government Rant: 'You Better Give Your Money Away Before It Gets Taken From You'

h/t Newsbusters

JN1 reports from Beer Sheva after Gaza rocket attack

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta speaks on Al Quaida

Bias Bash: Big media and the presidential campaign

What Should Children Be Taught About Thanksgiving?

Complete idiots.

NASCAR's "Bad Brad" on beer and tradition

Susan Rice responds to Benghazi critics

Iron Dome protects Israel from Hamas rockets

The Real Thanksgiving

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Nicole Westbrook - It's Thanksgiving (Official Video)

Jewish soldiers remembered for their WWI contributions in Germany

Supports of Israel demonstrate in Frankfurt against Gaza attacks

Huge fireball: Propane tank explodes in Russian city

Violinist who refused to play in Nazi Germany saved 1000 Jews from Holoc...

Thousands flee as Nigeria battles Boko Haram

Sick Anti-Israel POV - US threatened, pulls Israel out of Gaza: Richard Becker

Generation Foodie - Our Changing Epicurean Nation - CBS Sunday Morning -...

Video: Dog adopts, nurses orphaned tiger cubs in Russia

FOX NEWS: Don't Rebuild Without Proper Permits

Thankful for the Sacrifice by Honoring the Fallen

PJTV -- Stephen Kruiser Gives Thanks 'We Much'

Ajmal Kasab: The mind of a terrorist

Thomas Sowell: Public vs Private Discrimination

Some Non-Airport Workers Protesting At LAX Unclear Of Reason Behind Demonstration

THIS IS THE BREITBART LEGACY! Reporter exposes SEIU facade!

 h/t @HatingBreitbart

Israeli residents doubt ceasefire will hold

Concerns about Egypt's role in Hamas' conflict with Israel

Will 26/11 [Mumbai Attack] victims finally get some closure?

South Korea's seven-year-old dance prodigy "Little Psy" rises to stardom

Paris Hilton store in Mecca?

Finally an explanation of why they hate us!

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