Thursday, January 10, 2013

NewsBusted 1/11/13

Inflation Propaganda Exposed

When they come for your guns my suggestion for preppers and patriots

**URGENT Obamacare Prevents Gun Registration!

Line in the Sand

I totally agree with everything he said. I would love to see him debate Piers Morgan.

Ben Shapiro debates Piers Morgan

In the immortal words of me:
The 2nd Amendment is a prophylactic to protect against the spread of tyranny. Whether that tyranny come is from a person, a mob or government.

Samsung Sh!ts All the Pixels!! The Best TVs from CES 2013

Judge Jeanine Update on The Journal News Story With Bill O'Reilly - 1-10-13

PJTV: The Singularity: Will Technological Innovation Doom Our Species?

Proposed: US should cut ties with UN

NEW LAW: Yay... More Media Sharing

Mainstream Media Ignoring Middle Class Payroll Tax Hike - Katie Pavlich ...

NEW LAW: Feds Expand Jurisdiction Over Mass Killings

Christopher Nolan and New Gaming Tech

Missouri Speaker of The House Tim Jones on The Dana Show

NEW LAW: DNA Collection

Czechs could elect first Jewish president

Hungary far-right criticizes FIFA sanctions

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Obama and Karzai talk US pull out and Afghan stability

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Sessions Discusses Opposition To Lew Nomination On CNBC

[EFFIN' IDIOT MORONS] Should We Give Up on the Constitution?

Morning Update » Inheritance

'All My Babies' Mamas'

5 Types of People who Should NOT Own a Gun

Piers Morgan Deportation and Unalienable Rights

Senate's Prior Roll Call for AWB Passage

Mars Colony Reality Show!

Academy Awards: Behind the nominations

Liberals Believe They Love This Country!

AP Top Stories

Save Us Chuck - American Revolution

Jerusalem snow scenes: Israel's worst snowstorm in 20 years brings capit...

Israeli anti-skinny law: thin models are out of fashion as Holy Land com...

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Tipping point for India-Pakistan relations?

Armed mom takes down home invader

Today in History for January 10th

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Weapons Ban via Executive Order threatened

New Jersey Liberals Introduce 18 Gun Control Bills

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Up close and personal with platypus

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