Thursday, February 7, 2013

Libs Defend Obama's Drone Kills: 'Smarter & Tougher' Wars

Libtalker [WHAT AN IDIOT] "Conservative Commentators Run Death Squads"

Woman Smuggles $31,000 in Stomach!

Thousands in Cairo Protest Sexual Harassment

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Rihanna is INSANE...

Is a "cyber-9/11" on the U.S. horizon?

Bar Refaeli "Making Out" with Barack Obama (that's DISGUSTING!!!)

Opposition leader's murder ignites massive protests

Handout Zombie Apocalypse

Dempsey "surprised" Clinton did not see Benghazi warning cable

Gov. Rick Snyder on Michigan's Economic Rebound and Right to Work

4ID Pays Tribute to Staff Sgt. Clintion Romesha

Liz Cheney takes on Karl Rove

McCain to Dempsey: "Who would you blame" for Benghazi?

CBO Director Lays Out Dangers Of Obama's Debt-GDP Ratio

CBO Director On Obama's $7 Trillion Budget Deficit Over The Next Decade

Panetta And Dempsey Highlight Lack Of Communication From Obama On Benghazi

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NRA News Spotlight: Disabled Americans for Firearms Rights

Medal of Honor: The Romesha's Story

New Technology Lets Amputees Design Legs

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Honey Boo Boo Star Mama June Shannon Drops More Than 100 Pounds: Before ...

Asteroid 2012 DA14 to Whiz Past Earth Safely


Marco Rubio to deliver bilingual State of the Union response

John Stossel - Texas Vs California Gun Laws

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Named Longest-Married Couple, 80 Years Together

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