Thursday, January 31, 2013

NRA - Wayne LaPierre @ Gun Violence Hearing 1/30/13 - Senate

CNN's Dana Bash: Senators In Disbelief Over Hagel's Poor Performance

PASSED: H.R.325 - Debt Ceiling

Sen. Ted Cruz Dissects Chuck Hagel with America "is the World's Bully" I...

Hagel Can't Explain Past Comments About Israel Lobby

Judge Napolitano: FBI Raids Office of Doctor Linked to New Jersey Senato...

Judge Napolitano: Stricter Gun Control Is Part of the Progressive Ideolo...

Mali pondering ties with Israel, away from Muslims

Save Us Chuck - Celebrity Gun Free Zones

Why Are Black "Leaders" Anti Gun ?

Thursdays With Michelle Malkin - Unions Want OUT of Obamacare! - Fox & ...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Morning Update » Constitutional

Rick Santelli Slams Ben Bernanke 'Whatever You're Doing, Bloodletting & ...

Sen. Ted Cruz Dismantles Assault Weapons Ban at Gun Control Hearing

Carney: GDP report not "good news"

Gabrielle Giffords - Gun Violence Hearing 1/30/13 - Senate

Rick Santelli Responds to Negative GDP Report: 'We Are Now Europe'

A Growing, Modern Republican Party

Colorado: Sheriffs' Group Opposes New Gun-Control Laws

Cam Edwards from NRA News on MSNBC's Deceptive Editing of the "Newtown H...

Save Us Chuck - Chicago Gun Violence

Senator Rubio Discusses Immigration Reform with Mark Levin

West Palm Beach NBC Reports On FBI Raid Possibly Related To Sen. Menende...

Jason Mattera Confronts Mayor Bloomberg on Gun Control - Fox & Friends -...

Islamist Egypt: Grand Mufti upholds death sentences for 'Innocence of Mu...

Anti-Semitism on the rise within EU: Islamists and nationalist parties b...

Resist Cynicism About Rubio 1+ We Heard This All Before in 1986 pt1 + Th...

Double arm transplant for US soldier

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

NO, The Father of Sandy Hook Victim Was Not Heckled!

Colin Powell Enters The No Spin Zone with Bill O'Reilly - 1-29-13

Great-Grandmother Stops Violent Mugger at Detroit Bus Stop With Her 9mm ...

Katie Pavlich Rpts. Food Police Attack Taco Bell Because it Mocks Veggie...

Dana On The Media

MrColionNoir: Should We be Allowed to Carry a Nuclear Suitcase?

Veteran describes double arm transplant

Senator Rubio Discusses Immigration With Rush Limbaugh

Floor Speech - Cornyn: If We Don't Get a Handle on Spending and Debt, No...

Morning Update » Fishy

Rubio to Rush Limbaugh: I can convince Hispanics that conservative ideas...

Rubio to Rush Limbaugh: Obama won't be president forever

Love Your Wife Day: Husbands publicly declare love in Japan

I feel sorry for the poor guys who didn't do this... Imagine explaining that to your wife.

PANICKING: Heavily Armed Police Called, School Locked down Over Kids's D...

World record surf?

Mali ethnic violence and retribution fears: self-styled militia in Gao h...

Iranian Space Monkey Returns From Orbit

Rubio Discusses High-Skilled Immigration Bill on the Senate Floor

Rush interviews Marco Rubio on bipartisan immigration reform

The High-Capacity Magazine Myth: Anti-Gun Crowd Deliberately Misleads th...

In Anti-Gun DC, Media Matters for America Gave Bodyguard Illegal Weapons...

Mali War ethnic violence fears: self-styled militia in Gao rounds up Isl...

War in Mali: Japan to give $120 million to stabilise Sahel region

Yaron Answers: Aren't Entitlements Part Of The Social Contract?

Yaron Answers: What Would Happen If We Abolished Social Security?

Why Are Voters So Uninformed?

War in Mali : looters attacked 'Arab' shops in Timbuktu

Rahm PWND By Sen Ted Cruz

It is things like this that make me love Sen Ted Cruz

Marco Rubio Responds to Ted Cruz Criticism of Immigration Reform Plan

Monday, January 28, 2013

Dana Loesch Pulls Out AR15 Lighter on Piers Morgan Show

Journalist Accosted By Security Over Mayor Bloomberg Gun Control Question

Gun Gripes Episode 56: 2013 New York Safe Act

Sheriff: You Need Guns, 911 Not Enough

Tom Gresham, Host of "Gun Talk," on the Week's Gun Control News

Obama's Gun Proposals: Much Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing

Is Rush Right On Guns? Tavis Smiley & Cornel West Think He Has A Point

Mali town counts dead after French strikes on Islamists

An ObamaCare Debate Challenge (Michael F. Cannon)

Ben Shapiro on Obama Attacking Fox News: He's an Imperial President, He ...

Save Us Chuck - Federal Pay Raise

Emily Miller: "The World According to Dianne Feinstein is very different...

Charlton Heston - Political Correctness And Common Sense

Mali govt. battles Islamists, regains control of two cities

Krauthammer Analyses Obama: We have a Statue of Liberty, not a Statue of...

AP Top Stories

Cultural change needed to halt India's "epidemic of violence"

Israel's Iron Dome

War in Mali : French and Malian troops reach Timbuktu

[YIKES] Close Shave: Truck overturns, misses motorcyclist by inches

French Jews face Mali threat: Europe's largest Jewish community on heigh...

Antisemitic Sunday Times cartoon mars International Holocaust Remembranc...

Egypt edges closer to conflict: Islamists threaten to form militias to c...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Anti gun people can NOT defeat this video

Responding to Piers Morgan: "Why Does Anyone Need an Assault Rifle?"

French-led forces advance on Mali's Timbuktu

Three more anti-Morsi protesters die in new clashes

Sourcefed Does Science!

AP Top Stories

March 23rd, 2013, Time to Rumble

Some Bills That I Follow...

BBC Sunday politics -Nigel Farage, Scotland, UK and the EU

AWB Supporters & Committee of Judiciary - CONTACT

Gen. Jerry Boykin Doesn't Want to be in Combat With Women Because of 'Pe...

Is the U.S. Constitution Obsolete?

French and Malian forces secure Timbuktu

BBC Newsnight - Nigel farage on Cameron's Europe referendum promise (23J...

George Will: 'Gender-norm' Military Fitness Requirements?

Newt Gingrich & Marsha Blackburn Analyze Gun Control Proposal - Face The...

"Superbugs" becoming harder to fight

World Zionist Organization Holds Worldwide Rallies Against Antisemitism

Today in History: January 27th

French and Malian troops head to Timbuktu

Nightclub Fire Kills 245 in Brazil

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jessie Duff - Straight Shooting on the 2nd Amendment w/ Judge Jeanine - ...

Sheriff David Clarke PSA for Milwaukee County

Dems Set Sights on Texas

Ryan calls for GOP prudence, unity

"Child Killers of America"

Tina Turner to Ditch American Citizenship, to Become Citizen of Switzerland

UN observes International Holocaust Memorial Day

At least 22 Killed over Death Sentence of 21 of Football Charge - Egypt ...

Handgun DON'Ts

Seven Shot Dead in Egypt Protests

NFL Faces Jerome Boger Controversy pt2 + 'Enlightened' Liberals Compare ...

American citizen sentenced over 2008 terror attack

No He Can't: Obama popularity plunges in Arab World over US conflict con...

Al Jazeera reports from Mali's frontlines

How China Became Capitalist (Ning Wang)

**Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 - EXPLAINED**

Sandy Victims Shivering in the Cold? pt4 + NFL Faces Jerome Boger Contro...

EU support for Mali War: Brussels looking to increase its backing of Fre...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Michelle Fields Responds to Rpt. Medicare Paid $120M + for Inmates - Eri...

Obama's Press Pass Defined by Greg Gutfeld - The Five - 1-25-13

S.C. sheriff: Feinstein gun bill 'scary'

AP Top Stories

Women Vets On Women In Combat

Morning Update » Blue Texas

Sandy Victim Blasts Obama: Shame on You for Going to Hawaii While My Fam...

Johnson Country Sheriff Heiss on The Dana Show 1-25-13

Jim DeMint on the 2013 March for Life

White House Dodges Questions About Lew's Time At Taxpayer Bailed Out Cit...

Feinstein's Got a Gun!

Judge Napolitano on Phil Mickelson's Comments On High Taxes 'Who Wouldn'...

Piers Morgan Presses 'Gun Girls' to Agree on Not with Assault Weapons Ban

PJTV: Happy Anniversary, Unborn Victims of Abortion

Sex, Violence & Satan: 6 Unbelievably Dumb Congressional Hearings

WARNING** AWB Debate - NEXT WEEK (Assault Weapons Ban)

Mali war complicated by ethnic strife: fears mount that conflict could l...

NRA News Report: Media Misinformation | Jeff Zucker, CNN President, on P...

NRA News Report: Media Misinformation | Piers Morgan of CNN's Piers Morg...

Spreading Gun Hysteria: The Newtown Tragedy Exploited to Advance an Agenda

Full Press Briefing - Panetta, Dempsey on the Women in Service Implement...

Save Us Chuck - Stupid Laws (Mississippi)

The Scope of the DiFi Gun Ban List 1+Union Membership Drops+The Big Sis ...

French Socialist Party Reconsidering 75% Tax on the Rich?

Pope praises Facebook and Twitter: Pontiff calls social networks 'portal...

AP Top Stories

France releases Mali combat footage: French army continues to advance in...

Egyptian Copts fear further Islamification: Christian minority pessimist...

1960's NASA Engine Roars Back to Life

Every Man in Hillary's Life Makes Her Lie for Him and I'm the One Who Di...

Rich Lowry » Rush Was Right About Obama

Thomas Sowell: Creating a 'Crisis' on Poverty

Anti-Morsi protests on Arab Spring anniversary: Clashes in Tahrir Square...

Assault Weapons Ban Debated Jay Sekulow v. Dennis Kucinich - Sean Hannit...

Piers Talks to the 'Gun Girls' Celia Bigelow & Aubrey Blankenship - 1-24-13

Hannity: Let's Fight, Otherwise Obama Will Transform America into his "S...

Obama's Order to Improve NICS

Newt Gingrich vs. Piers Morgan on Gun Control Debate - 1-24-13

Gingrich and the Second Amendment

Rollin' With Adam Carolla - Bill O'Reilly - 1-24-13

President Obama Cuts Spending?!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sen. Rand Paul Questions Sec. of State Nominee John Kerry at SFRC Hearin...

PJTV: Dependency Nation: Why Does Snoop Need the Dope to Cope?

PJTV: $180 Billion Wasted: Head Start Education Program Has No Lasting I...

Chelsea Clinton Killed by Terrorists in Benghazi...

Rubio Raises Questions on America's Role in the World at Kerry Nominatio...

NRA News Report: Media Misinformation | Dan Rather - CNN - January 24, 2013

Judge Napolitano Explains How Obama Is Bypassing Congress in Climate Cha...

North Korea: NUCLEAR test AIMED at US

Liberal Hate On Display - #RIPRushLimbaugh

Completely vile liberal hate directed at Rush Limbaugh. Including homophobic comments by people accusing him of hating gays.

Because clearly making homophobic comments about Rush is the way to so the HE is intolerant.

Exactly. This may be a cartoon, but it his it right on the nose

Govt. Buying & Destroying Guns - Explained HR227

Why Young Women Want AR-15s

When do charity shock-ads go too far? - Truthloader

Two 2nd Amendment Protection Bills

"Gun Stealing Devil"

Senator Rubio Discusses Immigration Principles on "The Mark Levin Show"

US woman sells jewellery made of guns

Morsi accuses Jews of controlling US media

US firm to extract minerals from asteroids

French troops build up in northern Mali

Uranium Rush: African resource grab behind Mali mission?

Save Us Chuck - Licensed Gun Owners

CBS Already Reporting On 2016 Democrat Presidential Primary

North Korea plans to launch nuclear test

Mali tourism struggling to survive: battle against Islamist radicals has...

Indian Muslims protest Salman Rushdie supporters: more Jaipur festival d...

UK Muslim no-go area fears: two arrested over series of 'Muslim Patrol' ...

UN seeks extra troops for Mali intervention: African nations expected to...

France's Mali War: French public backs intervention despite escalating r...

French Jews fighting Twitter hate: decision expected today in France on ...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SkyNews- Nigel Farage on Cameron's Europe speech (23Jan13)

BBC News- Nigel Farage on Cameron's Europe speech (23Jan13)

PJTV: Romneydamus? Did Mitt Romney Predict America's Future?

PJTV: Hail to the Leftist: Obama's Inaugural Speech the Worst In America...

Are Liberal Online Users Less Tolerant Than Conservatives? Kate Obenshai...

Agenda 21 in Wyoming

This is a little kookie but I posted it anyway.

Rep. Duncan Slams Hillary Clinton: "You let the consulate become a death...

Washington Free Beacon - Newsfeed

Miracle Toddler Survives Crash... Amazing and Scary

Keystone XL pipeline - Google News Feed


Sexy Ladies Wanted For Secret Jobs

Hillary Clinton Unhinged on Benghazi

1-23-13 Dustin Ellermann on The Dana Show

Gun Control Bills - Today - 1/23/2013

Wayne LaPierre Responds to President Obama's Inaugural Address

Assault Weapons Ban - Thursday - Vote?

Save Us Chuck - Debt Ceiling Surprise