Monday, November 19, 2012

Reilly Tears Into Romney Critics: ‘Gifts’ Remark ‘Is A Stone-Cold Fact’

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French forces prepare to leave Afghanistan

Rush Limbaugh Rips GOP Strategist Who Warned Against Basing Views On Limbaugh’s ‘Dream Journal’

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'Hamas using civilians as human shields' - Israeli Foreign Ministry spok...

Paralysed dog study offers hope for humans


Authors@Google: Peter Schiff

LAX Union Workers Plan on Striking Thanksgiving Eve - Michelle Fields - ...

Red Panda Baby surprise !

What actually happened was that his keeper told him he used Internet Explorer.

IDF Strike on Munitions Storage Site Within Residential Suburb in Southe...

John Stossel - Free Speech, Free Minds, & Free People @ UNC Chapel Hill ...

Approaching the Fiscal Cliff - Analyzed by Jedediah Bila - Ed Butowsky -...

Race Card Being Played in Benghazigate - Deneen Borelli - Michael Meyers...

The Left's War on Israel Debated by Katie Pavlich & Mike Ghouse - Sean H...

A City Upon A Hill: The Spirit Of American Exceptionalism - Official Tra...

Chris Horner on Transparency at the EPA


Dennis Miller Time - Bill O'Reilly - The Factor - 11-19-12

TheBlaze Beliefs

O'Reilly Rips Jon Stewart on Non-Traditional Americans Voting For Obama

Bold Colors - No Pale Pastels

Rollin' With Adam Carolla - Bill O'Reilly - 11-19-12

Tim Hawkins on Hand Raising

Violent Dolphin Deaths a Mystery for Scientists

Day of Rage - Israel

Opt Out & Film Week: Thousands To Videotape TSA Pat Downs in Protest CBS42

Opt Out & Film Week: TSA-Approved Luggage Locks Don't Always Keep Belong...

Welcome Website for New Immigrants Advertises Welfare Programs - Michell...

Hostess Will Get Strategic Buyers, CEO Rayburn Says - Bloomberg

Rick Santelli 'Reform Avoidance: Forget 80 Billion Euro Greece Bailout, ...

Stossel: How The Government Should Handle Natural Disasters - The O'Reil...

OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE: basement of Ashkelon hotel becomes children...

GBTV: Vince Flynn and Agenda 21

GBTV: What is Agenda 21?

GBTV: Rosa Koire

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Stuck In Her Identity Politics Rhetoric

How is what she said not RACIST and SEXIST? Answer? IT IS!

OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE: UN Envoy Tony Blair arrives in Israel

Court Order Preserves Hostess for Now

Julian Sanchez on the legal and civil liberty implications of the Gen. P...

Libya Attack Storyline Analyzed by Greg Gutfeld - The Five - 11-19-12

PJTV: The Deepening Petraeus Sex Scandal, and Why Congress Is Throbbing ...

GBR: Agenda 21 Key Words

11-19-12 Michael Cannon

11-19-12 Scott Rupp

GBR: Israel, Gaza and the media

GBR: Chris Christie goes on SNL

GBR: General Boykin

GBR: Vince Flynn PART 2

GBR: Vince Flynn PART 1

Glenn's special message for Israel

PJTV: Biden Running U.S. As Obama Behaves Oddly Overseas

Spirited Exchange Marks Briefing on Israel


Future Highway -- Mind Blow #53

Judge Jeanine to Obama: You either sent help or you didn't. Obama must a...

Melissa Harris-Perry: "Embrace” The ”Agony And Loss And Injustice That Under-Girds Our History"

Melissa Harris-Perry is one of the most anti-American racialist in the media today. She is Al Sharpten with a PhD and better elocution. To learn more about this vile woman and her deeply held racist beliefs read Ann Coulter's Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama or just Google Melissa Harris-Perry and Melissa Harris-Lacewell (she got remarried and changed her name).

From The Blaze
MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry gave her audience what is perhaps one of the most depressing Thanksgiving send-offs in cable television history on Sunday. 
The often controversial host began her Turkey Day monologue on a positive note, describing Thanksgiving as “a uniquely American holiday, where you can relax with the Macy’s parade, football games and eat more food than you can imagine. 
But Perry immediately dashed these simple holiday pleasures with a heavy dose of doom and gloom. 
“Thanksgiving is not that simple,” she lectured. “The kindergarten story that you learned about grateful Pilgrims and happy Indians is not even close to the historic reality of how European settlers brought violence, disease and land theft to the indigenous peoples who were already in this land long before it was discovered...”

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Ramesh Ponnuru on Immigration

Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck [Full Trailer]

Military presence increased at Gaza border

IDF troops continue buildup along Gaza border

Apps and websites help Israelis stay safe

West Bank feels attack tourism impact

Israel's upcoming election

Expert: Hamas 'miscalculated' in Recent Violence

IDF Reservists Prepare to Defend Their Homes

Hamas song chants, “We don’t want no truce or solution - terrorize Tel Aviv”

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Israel Air Force Calls Off Airstrike When Civilians Seen Near Target

Does anyone doubt that Hamas would have waited until MORE civilians were close to the target. Israel is using amazing restraint.

Hate America Campaign: Israel versus Hamas

Steve Forbes Educates CNBC Panel: 'Trashing Money Never Leads To a Susta...

SF Supervisors Vote on Public Nudity Ban

Murray Rothbard - Identity Of The State

OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE: residents of southern Israel fleeing rocket...

OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE: Hamas frauds exposed as social media war ho...

Egyptian constitution walkouts by liberals


Voices from the Home Front: How Israelis Live Under Fire

Obama: Myanmar Visit About Sustaining Momentum

Damage Caused by Rockets Fired from Gaza into Ashkelon, Israel

Raw: Astronauts Land in Chilly Kazakhstan

Raw: Astronauts Land in Chilly Kazakhstan

How Much Do Americans Know? (Part 1)

OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE: Defense Minister Ehud Barak praises Iron Dome