Monday, November 26, 2012

Ghost In Elevator Prank...Both Horribly Cruel but Funny

When it comes to government, does size matter?

'Zero Dark Thirty' Focuses on Young Female CIA Agent

Tax Pledge Mutiny as Fiscal Cliff Approaches

Actor Tim Allen Criticizes Federal Government - Rollin' With Adam Caroll...

A Reagan Forum with Greg Gutfeld - 11/26/12

Fast forward to about 7:55.

NewsBusted 11/27/12

Egypt Situation Continues to Worsen - Debated by Brigitte Gabriel vs. Mi...

Police chief earned $457,000 a year

Deneen Borelli vs. Michael Brown Debate: White House Playing 'Race Card'...

Sandra Fluke Person of the Year?!

White House Warns Tax Hike Could Hurt Holiday Spending - Katie Pavlich -...

Another Fight Over Guns Looms in Tennessee Legislature

This is From Canada But The Message Hold True Regardless

Fiscal cliff could hit air travelers hard


Shalom TV Daily News 11/26/12

Congress Returns With the Fiscal Cliff Looms

Judge Napolitano: Undoing the Constitution 'Obama Re-election the Culmin...

Judge Napolitano on "Theodore and Woodrow"

Impact of negative campaign on a second Obama term

Judge Napolitano: Parents Pay Ex-Cops to Follow Teens 'Is a Serious Viol...

AP Top Stories

Judge Napolitano: TriHealth, a Hospital Operator, Fires 150 Employees fo...

Judge Napolitano: Courts Are Trying to Determine Whether Cellphone Searc...

Judge Napolitano: Arizona Gun Store Owner Bans Obama Supporters

PJTV: Hair of the Dog: B-List Pundits Push Social Security and Budgetary...

Chris Brown Cyber Bullies Comedy Writer

Benghazi Armed Militias Terrorize Medical University Campus

Grover Norquist Accuses Warren Buffett of Gaming the System: "It's Small...

PJTV: Tax Pledge Perfidy: Some Republicans Embracing Tax Hikes to Avoid ...

Ferguson: Rule of law hurting West?

White House: Tax Hike Threat May Hurt Retailers

Mumbai terror anniversary: Jewish outreach centre victims remembered at ...

Euro Existential Crisis: 'Greece governed in Third World fashion'

M23 rebels and DR Congo troops in tense stand-off

Yaron Answers: Why Do Wages Rise?

Yaron Answers: What Is "Austerity"?

Sessions Pushes Back On Talk Of Tax Increases

President Obama Cabinet Shakeup: Hillary Clinton, Timothy Geithner Repla...

Single Marines, Sailors Get a Taste of Home for Thanksgiving

Trading at Noon: U.S. stocks fall on Greece, fiscal cliff

The New American Crusaders

In Shocker, Israel's Barak Quits Politics

Black Friday

Gimme Gimme


Cyber Monday

Out Of The Ditch And Over The Cliff

Small Business and the Fiscal Cliff

Supreme Court Revives College’s Challenge to ObamaCare

PJTV -- Stephen Kruiser Gives Thanks 'We Much'

PJTV -- Scientist Proves That Ain't Nobody Knows How to Do Nothing No More

Eric Cantor: If President Is Serious About Fiscal Cliff He Ought to Be P...

Negotiators weigh in on fiscal cliff

Ayn Rand - Altruism and Capitalism

Breakingviews: Mursi's pharaonic blunder

Tahrir Battleground: Protest over Morsi 'power grab' turns deadly

Morsi's control sets off violent protests in Egypt

News Bulletin - 09:30 GMT update

Workplace bullying inquiry calls for hotline

Today in History for November 26th

Two Air India employees held for Facebook posts

Egyptians polarised over President Morsi's decree

Internet freedom: In danger of being stifled?


Showdown or compromise? Mursi meets judges

First Person: DOMA Fight Heading to High Court

Gaza looks to the future

Antisemitic attack on Spurs fans in Rome: WJC chief urges action against...

Gaza ceasefire: Islamists blamed for Sinai blasts at Egyptian position n...

Catalans react with surprise but determination

Something Very Classy From Obama

I am, to put it mildly, very critical of President Obama. That said after read Life of Pi and seeing the movie I was Google-ing the story when i came across a letter written by Obama to the author Yann Martel. This shows a great deal of class and I give Mr Obama all nothing but respect for this gesture. Despite my personal feeling regarding his policies I find myself in total agreement with the President, I too prefer the story with the animals.

Colts Cheerleaders Go Bald To Support Coach

Congolese Soldiers Accused of Allegedly Raping Village Women