Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Milton Friedman Speaks" - Myths That Conceal Reality

Police foil Canada Day terror plot

Mark Levin Goes Nuclear Over Obamacare Delay

Texas Capital Abortion Supporters chant "Hail Satan"

Really people? WTH!?

h/t Cahnman's Musings and The Blaze

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NYT's John Harwood: Obama Admin Wanted To Delay ObamaCare Mandate Until ...

ABC's Rick Klein: ObamaCare Delay Raises Serious Questions About Law's I...

Where could Snowden go for asylum?

If he really want to be considered a hero or martyr then he will triumphantly turn himself in, perhaps via a congressional subpoena so he can testify before congress before going to prison. As I recall the abolitionist John Brown did not seek asylum anywhere... just saying he might lose his freedom but his would win history.

Transatlantic tensions after NSA revelations | Agenda

Alicia Silverstone asks, Got Breast Milk!?

Pope John Paul II's second miracle confirmed

CBS' John Dickerson: Obamacare Roll Out Appears "Barely Operation"

Greece ruling party proposes neo-Nazi ties

Gettysburg at 150: The battle and a nation reborn

40th Anniversary All-Volunteer Force