Sunday, December 16, 2012

Depardieu says au revoir to France

Today in History for December 17th

Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review

[RUSSIA TODAY BLAMES MASS SHOOTINGS ON TAX CUTS] Big Picture Rumble - Not an issue of gun rights - the issue is human rig...

OBAMA FULL SPEECH @ VIGIL for victims SANDY HOOK Elementary School massa...

Gun Free Zones Are Where The Fish Meet the Barrel

USA Gun Control

[JOHN LOTT ON PIERS] "The Gun Lobby Has To Change It's Thinking!"

Why I Hate Liberalism - The Blacksphere Radio Show

PJTV: 2030: The End of American Hegemony?

Correcting Rush Limbaugh: Democracy Doesn't Legitimize Theft

Ramallah, a crossroads for the interaction of different cultures

Guns Do Not Kill People

America rethinking approach to Syrian conflict?

[WOW THIS IS CRAZY] Indian wedding season hides darker side: Thousands of brides burned to ...

Sky News - UKIP now Third Largest Party, leader Nigel Farge interviewed ...

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage on BBC Sunday Politics, Gay Marriage - Dec 12

Church: Bomb Threat Forces Evacuation

Syria: attack on refugee camp

Bonn Bomb plot linked to Islamist terror

[VERY CONCERNING] Palestinian youth unite against Israel

Video Request: Child Gun Safety Act Explained

What Do Low-Information Voters Know About Tax Rates? + Why Should Anyone...

Turn Our Back On God

Connecticut School Shooting: Newtown's Appeal

Raw: Grieving Newtown Residents Turn to Church

Rep. Gohmert: I Wish to God the Principal Would Have Had an M4 in Her Of...

Japan conservatives sweep to victory in polls

The rise of the "nones"

And people wonder why school shootings happen!?

The Newtown, CT helmet decal the Patriots will wear today

Egypt in transition: women prevented from voting for not wearing Islamic veils

Mayan apocalypse scare: doomsday fears fuel Mexico's tourism boom

Today in History for December 16th

Is the Global Economy on the Verge of Another Meltdown?

Islamists censor Egyptian TV: romantic songs banned in latest slide towa...

Anti-austerity march in Portugal

Ten Commandments Online: ancient Hebrew text digitized by Cambridge Univ...

Press Conference -- Robbie Parker (father of murdered student in Sandy H...

Memorial Victims of Sandy Hook Elementary school Shooting - Too Sad R.I.P

Jewish reaction to Connecticut school tragedy

Iraqis say US forces may be gone, but problems remain

Russians demand political freedom