Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guy Just Effin' Lost it on Air

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Sounds the Alarm on the Voter Identification Laws

This really irritates me. Is she completely ignorant or is she deliberately being deceptive. I vote that it is both.

Nick Gillespie Discusses Payroll Tax Cuts, Social Security, and the GOP ...

John Stossel - Free Speech And Its Enemies

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Barack Obama The President Of Voter Fraud

The Government Shutdown Prevention Act - Rep. James Lankford

The Legally Binding Budget Act - Rep. Diane Black

Egyptians Look to Next Phase of Democracy

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Running Marathons May Cause Permanent Heart Damage, Study Says

I see this study or ones like it hit the news every so often. This is non-sense (at least the journalists take on the study). If this had any validity then endurance athletes would have a higher level of heart related problems, when in fact the opposite it true.
...Scientists say that running marathons may cause permanent heart damage, the Daily Mail reported. A recent study found that high-endurance activities can result in scarring of the right ventricle and in turn increase the risk of heart complications. The study examined 40 elite athletes with no history of heart problems who were planning to compete in an upcoming endurance event, like a marathon... Read more

MythBusters Cannonball Experiment Gone Wrong... Hits Houses and Car in D...

They always say don't try this at home. I think they should have avoided trying it in these peoples homes. YIKES! FYI: I luv the show

Glenn Beck on Newt Gingrich

I really think Beck is going overboard on some of his Newt criticisms. On the radio this morning (12/7/2011)he explicitly called him a "Big government progressive." That is just silly non-sense. Is Newt as conservative as Bachmann? No, but he sure as heck is not a "progressive"

Here is the Beck had with Newt on his radio show. I thought the interview was very tough but fair. It is what he has said about him after that bothers me. We can not afford a circular firing squad on the GOP side.