Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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Belleville [Illinois] cops booted from Denny's for toting guns

h/t St Louis Today (aka Post Dispatch)
Belleville police have less than a sunny-side-up view of a local Denny's. 
The police chief there banned his officers from the eatery while on duty after several detectives were told they couldn't carry their guns in the restaurant, but Denny's says the incident stemmed from a misunderstanding. 
The scramble of events began about 10 a.m. Tuesday when five Belleville detectives went into the Denny's at 1130 South Illinois Street, ordered food and began to eat. The detectives had badges on their belts or on chains around their necks, but weren't in uniform. 
Belleville Capt. Donald Sax said restaurant manager David Rice then approached and told one of the detectives that a diner had complained about seeing one of the detectives carrying a gun.  
Even though the detective told Rice all at the table were police officers, Rice insisted the detectives take their guns back out to their cars, Sax said.... Read More
h/t Dana Loesch

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Congress Sucks! Obama Sucks!! Boehner Sucks!!!

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