Monday, March 4, 2013

Dog saves Oklahoma family from house fire

Obama Won't Finish his Second Term Without the Bottom Dropping Out.

News Anchor Loses It Reporting Fat Cat Story.LOL

Subaru Impreza shows us a cool new way to overtake

Buy a Shotgun Joe Biden Lying AR-15

Organizing for Acce$$

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Allen West Discusses Obama's Character & Sequester with Sean Hannity - 3...

Greg Gutfeld: "I Despise 'You Go Girl' Stories" - The Five - 3-4-13

Michelle Malkin with Neil Cavuto Search for Non-Existant Sequester Issue...

PJTV: The Window Seat

Table Talk: Sexy Belly Buttons & Phil As The POPE?!

Sen John Cornyn Speaks at AIPAC 2013

Blast Rocks Kiev: Explosion targets JN1 (Jewish News 1) owner Vadim Rabinovich

Mars Curiosity Rover Hits First Major Glitch

Scotland Flushes Its Scotch Goodbye

Netanyahu: "Diplomacy has not worked" on Iran

Richard Feynman, The Great Explainer: Great Minds

The Last Dinosaur of the Congo with David Choe

National Black Chamber of Commerce President Harry Alford blasts Obama

Turkey anti-Semitism: speech targets Jews

White House: No Set Price For Donor Access But Yeah, Donors Still Get Ac...

**URGENT - VOTE on Gun Control Bills THIS WEEK

Chubby Batman Arrests Burglar

"Deadly Liberals"

New Rochelle Basketball Game Winning Shot Video - New Rochelle vs. Mount...

Interview - Cornyn: Allowing Iran to Pursue Nuclear Arsenal is a "Game E...

Tragic hit-and-run death of Brooklyn Jewish couple

Fla. sinkhole house razed, man presumed dead

Fla. sinkhole house razed, man presumed dead

Romney blasts Obama over spending cuts

Sequester 2013 explained: Obama inflates fiscal danger of budget cuts

911 recording: Nurse refuses to give CPR to dying woman

Walter E Williams - Theft, Debt And Politics

Nuclear body demands access to Iran facility

Save Us Chuck - Droning On

Concealed Carry Life: Importance of Situational Awareness

Audio » Mark Levin - This is Unsustainable

French soldier killed in heavy Mali fighting: French army reports fierce...

Is Iraq heading for its own Arab Spring? Sectarian divide fuelling growi...

Malians remove reminders of Islamist Sharia hell: locals paint over sign...

Future fields of technology | Tomorrow Today - Interview

Baby born with HIV 'cured'

Mississippi: baby 'cured' of HIV