Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fiscal Cliff Bill Will Raise Taxes on Those Making $100,000 a Year By $2...


Libtalker Demands FBI Surveillance Of Conservatives

Hannah Storm Update: Backyard Gas Grill Explosion

Uneducated Gun Talk + cool holster

Founders Kind of News

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SPENDING CUTS A MUST - Issa Expresses Concern for Senate Fiscal Cliff Bill

SPENDING CUTS A MUST - Issa Expresses Concern for Senate Fiscal Cliff Bill

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CNBC's Clueless Steve Liesman Schooled by Peter Schiff

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Save Us Chuck - New Year's Day


Dozens dead in Ivory Coast stampede

That Pesky Assault Rifle Ban

Pakistani Taliban kill 5 female teachers: victims of terror campaign aga...

West Bank H1N1: Swine flu outbreak has claimed 9 lives in West Bank

Islamist Egypt on Israel: Muslim Brotherhood official says Jewish state ...

How to Make a Folding Egg - Sick Science! #124

Obama Lies About Reducing Deficit By $1 Trillion During Fiscal Cliff Speech

Never again: Teachers learn to fight attackers

SENATE PASSED: Middle of The Night

Iran launches long-range missiles

CAR backup forces: Troops arrive in the Central African Republic

Extreme diving from bridge over Rome's Tiber river on New Year's Day

Al Qaeda in Yemen offers bounty for US ambassador

Christian man killed and fed to dogs in Syria

2013 Top Trends in Technology, Fashion and Entertainment

Benedict XVI: True peace is contemplating the face of God

Benedict XVI: Welcoming God's love means a Happy New Year

NRA-ILA Grassroots News Minute 05-11-2012

Iraq sectarian tensions: a series of cross-country attacks leave at leas...

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Sculptors Create "City of Ice" in Harbin

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