Saturday, December 8, 2012

Feminist Update » Women Ogling Women and Camille Paglia on Hollywood Whi...

Michigan Teachers Union Head Compares Right To Work Push With Pearl Harb...

Oliver Stone's Ahistorical History Tarnishes Showtime and CBS

PJTV: Afterburner with Bill Whittle -- Unserious People

Raw: Texas A&M's Manziel Wins Heisman Trophy

Peace Update pt2 + Caller Finds Reason for Optimism pt2 + The Romneying ...

Egypt's Morsi rescinds controversial decree

If Morsi has the "power" to rescind the decree he implicitly has the power to reinstate it. He should have been forced out of office because of this quasi-coup.

Locker Room Celebration - Go Navy Beat Army!

Refuge for Healing War Veterans: Finding Solace in the Arts

Pope's new car: Pontiff gets fresh wheels

Innovating job-search tools

Gangnam Style star issues apology before Obama concert

Israel's UN ambassador Ron Prosor speaks to JN1 about Palestinian UN sta...

Hanukkah Lovin'

Egypt Turmoil: Update from Al Jazeera's correspondent

Gangnam Style = Stupid Americans...

Debt Ceiling Being Raised Again!? Debates John Rowley vs. Deneen Borelli...

Ducks on Chinese road cause mayhem and mirth

[WHAT? NO GUNS INVOLVED??] Cowboy Charged in Fatal Crash With Teammate

UKIP Nigel Farage, BBC Breakfast interview responding to the Budget - (0...

Rubio: Tax hikes not the answer to "fiscal cliff"

[COMPROMISE??] Obama: Tax hike on wealthy only "fiscal cliff" deal I'll sign

Morsi calls for constitution to move ahead

South Sudan struggles to eradicate its landmines

2nd Global Congress of Muslim PR in Tehran

News Bulletin - Climate Deal, Syria, and Hamas

Hamas leader sets his sights on 'liberating' Palestine

"Dead Atheists"

Hamas leader vows never to recognise Israel

Syria: Rebels try to take Damascus airport

Amelia Hamilton - "10 Steps to Freedom: A Little Patriots Guide to the A...

AutoZone worker saves boss from armed robber, gets fired

Nelson Mandela has been admitted to 1 Military hospital in Pretoria,

Kuwait Uprising: Gulf oldest monarchy under attack

New regulations from health care law start to go into effect

Malians call for action to reunite country

Embarrassing punishments for offenders on the rise

Five killed in Nairobi mosque attack

Mandatory Black Boxes in Cars Spark Controversy

College Freshman Johnny Manziel Could Win Heisman Trophy

Today in History for December 8th

Egyptian opposition refuses Morsi's call for meeting

Charles Woods: President did not do everything in Benghazi

Justin Amash: GOP Leadership Out of Step With America; Not Committed To ...

President Mursi set to press ahead with talks

[NOT AN ENDORSEMEN] Capitalism Doesn't Rationally Allocate Resources

I post videos like this so my readers can understand what these people believe and so they can be prepared if in a position to debate with them. Posting this is NOT AN ENDORSEMENT

European Parliament (EU) Hearing on Live Organ Harvesting

'Ground being prepared for Syria intervention' - ex-US Chief of Staff

Australian radio station boss reacts to nurse's death

Colombian rebels reject talks deadline

Syrians losing confidence in rebel forces

Inside Story Americas - How credible are reports of Syrian WMDs?

Listening Post - Has Mohamed Morsi borrowed Hosni Mubarak's playbook?

Demons of the Alps | Euromaxx

Pearl Harbor's Unknown Fallen: historic quest to name hundreds of uniden...

Wiretapping Storm Sweeps Over China

Egypt secular led opposition forces may boycott the meeting with Morsi

1776 Tyranny

The Free Market: Fallacies and Facts | Thomas E. Woods, Jr

Peter Schiff debates Professor Richard Carnell

Does Morsi have a strategy?