Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ATF Review Board Recommends Firings over Fast & Furious

Ayn Rand: Why Altruism is Wrong

Germany Israeli PM Netanyahu greeted by Merkel

Michelle Malkin Dissects Ed Asner & Wealth-Bashing CFT Video - Sean Hann...

Tax the Rich, The Critique

Dennis Miller on Tax Hikes/Kate Middleton's Royal Pregnancy/Unicorns In ...

Senator Marco Rubio First Post-Election Interview - Bill O'Reilly - 12-5-12

Aimee Copeland speaks out

NBC's Bob Costas In the No Spin Zone With Bill O'Reilly (Full Interview...

Pro-, Anti-Morsi protestors clash in Egypt

Overnight clashes in Cairo turn deadly

CA [NAZI LIKE] Cartoon From California Federation of Teachers Analyzed by Greg Gutfeld - The Five - 12-5-12

I know we are not supposed to compare things to the NAZIS, but how can you not in this case. This is so much like the German propaganda video of the 1930s. Isn't it??

Detroit Official Demands Bailout from Obama for Election Support - Miche...

Bracing for chemical weapon attack

The 'new poor' in America

Sign Of The Times We Live In

Gohmert Talks to Fox Business on Fiscal Cliff

Germany moves to ban neo-Nazis

Deaths reported amid Cairo violence

Netanyahu to Europe leaders: no apology over settlements

How should we define al Qaeda today?

Flash Points: What will happen to Syria's chemical weapons?

PJTV: Hypocrisy In Bulk: Former Costco CEO Cheerleads for Obama, Then Do...

PJTV: ZoNation: Sneering Punkers Promote Statism and the Obama Establish...

NASA's Kelly Bracing for Yearlong Space Trip

World's olders person Besse Cooper dies aged 116

Question To WH On Ambassadors: What Are Their Qualifications?

Carney is taking his literal left leaning to new levels today. Does the man ever stand straight?

Citigroup to lay off 11,000 workers

Handyman kidnapped, forced to do repairs

Senator Rubio's Remarks On Middle Class Opportunity At Kemp Foundation D...

Rubio Sits Down with Mike Allen at Politico's Playbook Breakfast

Boehner Says He Made 'Good Faith' Fiscal Offer

Obama Warns Against Another Debt Ceiling Fight

Marco Rubio at Jack Kemp Dinner: America Needs more Taxpayers, Not Highe...

Newt Gingrich on Fiscal Cliff

Prisoners Forced to Rub Hot Sauce on Testicles?!

Egypt crisis : Rival camps call for rallies at presidential palace, many...

On MSNBC, Bob Costas criticizes "Wild West Dirty Harry" gun culture in A...

[PATHETIC] MSNBC: Those of us in 'nerd land' think Obama is 'channeling the Godfather'

Ryan, Rubio joke about 2016 pres. race

Judge Napolitano Takes on Republicans "They're Becoming Enablers of Obam...

Modern day slave trade: trafficking and abuse of maids on rise among Ind...

Detroit Councilwoman to Obama: We Voted For You, Now Bail Us Out!

Hear Belcher's mother's frantic 911 call

Norquist on MSNBC - Obama Thinks Somebody Made Him King Doesn't Know His...

Krauthammer: Obama Already has U.S. more than Halfway to Collapse of Dol...

Save Us Chuck - Jesse Jackson Jr.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO): Obama Needs To Do More Schmoozing

Antonin Scalia - Interpretive Principles

Ryan, Rubio look to broaden GOP message

Egypt's Morsi returns after fleeing protesters

NYC Jewish community targeted: Algerian synagogue bomb plot suspect admi...

Indoctrination Through Animation -- Red Eye Analyzes California Federati...

Cairo calm with more protests due

US fails to force Iraq to proxy-police Iran flights to Syria

Malians prepare to reclaim north after conflict

Users shed light on dark internet drug trade

McAfee Says He'll Seek Asylum in Guatemala

Spain losing more social security contributors

Parents use social media to punish kids

Calm overnight protest in Egypt

NATO approves missiles on Turkey-Syria border


Superfish: DNA-Altered Salmon Coming to Your Dinner Plate?