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Thomas Sowell - Race Riots if Obama Loses

Hurricane Sandy & Election Analysis by Dennis Miller with Bill O'Reilly ...

Ambassador Chris Stevens Called Out for Help When Consulate Came Under A...

Catherine Herridge: From What I See State Department Has Culpability in ...

Hunters' Election: States Put Gun Rights to the Test on Nov. 6

Dem Despair in San Francisco Analyzed by Greg Gutfeld - The Five - 10-31-12

Black Conservative Touts Ronald Reagan Values

PJTV: ZoNation: Black Conservatives Are Not Sellouts!

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Obama's Post-Benghazi Hubris: We Leave Nobody Behind



The Chick-Fil-A Election: ROOT For America

When They Called

Senate Update: 52 for GOP

Romney: America Going Through Trauma Now

Get Out The Vote 2012

The Idea of America

It's Time To Vote

Did Obama Withhold Cross-Border Authority?

h/t @JonathanStein4
Read more at the Western Rifle Shooter Association

Obama's Benghazi Cover-up Hiding Arms Shipments to Syria

Sandy's Devastation: New York Subway Under 50 Feet of Water


Can Greed Work in a Free-Market Economy? - FBN's Stossel 10/19/2012

Axelrod: Will Shave Mustache

Facebook Blocks Seals Helps Coverup Obama And Benghazi

Thomas Sowell - Price Controls

Let's Win This One For America

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sen Jim Inhofe on US Oil Production

Walker Survives Recall. Can Obama Survive Re-election?

My First Time - Lena Dunham spoof

Navy SEAL Creed

Sean Hannity on Benghazi Slaughter Audio Tapes: "I've Heard They Are Dam...

MORONIC: Anti-Vasectomy Act

Nightmare on Main Street

Uncommon Knowledge with Justice Antonin Scalia


Exodus: Inner-City Poor Blacks Abandoning Obama and Democrat's Liberal Agenda

h/t @RebelPundit

Juntos We Can Revive The American Dream

BIG SURPRISE: NY Times Endorses Obama AGAIN! - Analyzed by Greg Gutfeld ...

Housing Numbers Improve, But Is the Crisis Really Over?

Being Objective about Objectivism: Can the Lessons of Ayn Rand End Big G...

Voter Fraud: Will The Democrats Vote Early, and Often?

What the Media's Not Talking About When It Talks About Benghazi

Romney Still Getting Love From The Left On Twitter

Obama a Hitman or Terrorist Arms Dealer??? Why He Hid...

10-30-12 Ann Coulter on The Dana Show


h/t @Faith4Mishel

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Attacks Romney For Collecting Storm Supplies For...

Mark Halperin: Obama Campaign Worried About PA

Mark Halperin: Democrats Are Playing Defense On Electoral Map

Chris Christie on Presidential Politics in Storm Aftermath

10-30-12 Newt Gingrich on The Dana Show

Obama Is Absolutely To Blame For Benghazi

How do I now that Barack Obama is to blame for what happened in Banghazi? There are two reasons that come to mind.

The first is that he is/was in charge and as I learned in the Navy, when the ship runs aground the skipper gets the blame even if he is not on the ships bridge when it happens. That is just how it works. It is part of being a leader, think of it having the Sword of Damocles hanging over you all the time. That is reason number one. Therefore, even if he is not at fault he still is.

That is almost too easy though so that brings us to reason number two. We know he is personally at fault (he was on the figurative bridge at the time) because none of his subordinates who could have the debacle reasonable blamed on them has been held to account. One might argue that if it was the fault of either General Carter F. Ham or Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette then their being relieved of their commands is the “being held to account.”

Although this argument seems reasonable in a reasonable world, we must not forget that whether we like it or not this is politics. Had either of these men actually been responsible I can assure you via media back channels or right out front at a press conference the boom would have been lowered upon them. This has not happened, only denials of any suggestion they are leaving their jobs for any reason other than normal rotations.

This applies to all of Obama’s subordinated sans one, Hillary Clinton. Anyone “under” Obama who was actually at fault would have the full force of not just law but the media placed up him or her. Do not doubt this because the election is days away. The reason Hillary is not being tossed in front of the figurative propeller (I hate the” under the bus” expression), is because it would still hurt him politically and the last thing he needs is the Clintons coming out against him during the waning days of this election. However, if Obama wins the election expect to see Hillary politically destroyed by Obama to insulate himself from possible impeachment.

In summary, the reasons Obama is clearly at fault is that 1) he is the boss and 2) the administration and its media surrogates have not pointed a finger at anyone as a means of providing political cover or political advantage to Obama.

More brilliance from the genius that is Michael Ramirez.

h/t @chicksonright

Debunked: Here’s the Explanation for the ‘Made in China’ Romney Hat You’re Seeing on Facebook

Debunked: Here’s the Explanation for the ‘Made in China’ Romney Hat You’re Seeing on Facebook… via @theblaze

(Photo: Facebook via Buzzfeed)

What a Jerk!

h/t @RBPundit

After Sandy, Darkness and Damp in New York

Christie Blames Mayor for Stranded People

Now Roseanne Barr Claims Sandy Was Caused By Global Warming

Read earlier post where she accused the government She can't make up her mind

Remember this November 6, 2012

h/t @pambesteder

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hillary's Legacy

Libya and Lies

h/t @hankishtwit

"Not Optimal" Indeed!

h/t @SafEnvironment

Obamanomics: Class Warfare vs Pro-Growth Tax Policy

Father of Slain Benghazi SEAL: The White House Watched My Son Die & Did ...

Mayor Bloomberg Updates New Yorkers on City's Response to Hurricane Sandy

Lydia Calas (the sign language translator) is a hoot.

Krauthammer SLAMS Obama Over Hurricane Sandy Photo-Op

Slain SEAL’s father to Obama: ‘Better to die the death of a hero than it is to live the life of a coward’ [VIDEO]

h/t Daily Caller

Why I'm Voting for Obama *PARODY*

Obama's Second Term Plan: Blame Bush Some More

ZoNation: Pro-Death Democrats Need to Stop Accusing Republicans of Extre...

Stacey Dash and Paul Ryan

Republicans are so much better looking than Democrats. Stacey is taking a lot of arrows over her support of Mitt but I for one think it just made her that better looking.
h/t @REALStaceyDash

Hurricane Sandy: Pics from Queens New York (Ozone Park)


h/t @VoteSmartToday

KLAVAN: Picking Losers, Why Cronyism Isn't Capitalism

Bill Whittle destroyed the whole "Dems&Repubs switched sides" narrative

h/t @RichardRSmithJr & @thekytikat

10-29-12 Sen. Jim Inhofe on The Dana Show

Hurricane Sandy: President Obama Is Safe, Are You?

Crazy Roseanne Barr Floats Conspiracy Theory About Hurricane Sandy

Roseanne Bar is floating the theory that HAARP is causing hurricane Sandy as an October Surprise!

For those who don't know conspiracy wackos claim HAARP controls the weather, creates earthquakes, an all manner of nasty stuff.

From @TheRealRoseanne

This is the Wikipedia page for HAARP it gives a good overview:

Here is the official HAARP website:

Here is a wacko conspiracy website about HAARP:

And another one:

At least she is not the only crazy person out there :-S


Pat Caddell-Full Speech at AIM- The Media has become the "Enemy of the American people"

h/t @BarrieNJ


Margaret Thatcher - Capitalism and a Free Society

Witnesses say Benghazi attack planned

Brilliant Take Down of Axelrod and the Benghazi Coverup

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Psychos Blaming Ann Romney for Tigers Losing the World Series

Let November 6th Be A Day of Reckoning

Jennifer Griffin: CIA Requests for Help in Benghazi Attack Denied

Justice with Judge Jeanine Opening Statement 10/27/12

Binders Full of Women! LOL

I love when a push meme backfires

h/t Chicks on the Right

What's that about one pic is worth a 1000 words...yep

What President Obama Says He'll Do To Your Gun Rights

I AM BREITBART - Andrew's CPAC '12 Speech, February 9th, 2012

Dear Lena Dunham - Some Advice

Marco Rubio Full Speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention Intro...

Brother, Can You Spare A Dime

Virginia Prodan - Choose Freedom No Socialism, America !

Former National Security Adiviser Bud McFarlane: For Obama to Do Nothing...

Real Solutions

Top AFRICOM Leader General Carter Ham Was Never Ordered to Save US Men i...

Dumb Idea in Italy - Jailing Scientists!!!

Interview with Dr. Thomas Sowell, Trickle Down Theory & Tax Cuts for the...

Mark Levin Discusses Heroes Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty

Former Asst. Defense Sec. Bing West: There Was No Order to Secure Benghazi

Dem Senator Udall Won't Say if Benghazi Drones Were Armed

BOOM! Senator Portman: We Need to Find Out if a Presidential Order Was I...

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus on Events in Benghazi

Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Goes On Attack Against Des Moines Register

Barack Obama Is Simply A Coward

On CNN, Obama Senior Adviser Pressed On Lack Of Obama Positive Vision Fo...

Golden Dawn politician reads anti-Semitic text

Filipino rebel leader lauds autonomy move

Mark Levin interviews Todd Akin

Message to Obama

If you look long enough at this picture. You will eventually spot Obama.

Oh My This is Devastating

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Political Propoganda: Is There a Line Between Spinning & Lying? - Andrea...

Holding President Obama Accountable

PJTV: Affleck's "Argo" Lives Up to Its Hype

Leaks, Lies, Libya...Lack of Leadership

This is Freepac Arizona

Calling To Stop United Nations In Texas And Congress

Lena Dunham: Your First Time PARODY

Paul Ryan: Let's Use Our Energy And Get People Back To Work In Ohio

John Stossel vs. Anarchy

Leaked DOE emails expose White House cronyism

Mark Levin: Ted Tuner is a P.O.S.

Rush military caller says that Obama ordered no response to Benghazi attack

Six Trillion Dollar Man

Call Me Lazy ["Call Me Maybe" Parody]

Gohmert Talks on Libya Cover-up

Rise in anti-Muslim sentiment in France

Milton Friedman: The Food and Drug Administration and Self Interest

Got Guilt? (If We Don't Reelect Obama...)

Smells like death throes to me :-S

Mitt Romney's Surge With Independent Voters Is Sharpest Tilt Since Reaga...

"I Pledge to Serve Barack Obama" (Urgent 2012 Election Update)

RepubGrlProbs: Your First Time

10-25-12 Dana Show Caller Talks about McCaskill Robocalls

Friday, October 26, 2012

Must-Watch Vid: Still Thinking About Voting for Obama?

One of the best ads this election cycle

Black Gun Owners: Rock and a Hard Place

Under the Gun: A Second Amendment Look at the Elections

Former Top Defense Official: If Obama Gave Order to Protect Benghazi Per...

Analyzing The Youth Vote - Michelle Fields - Michael Goodwin - Jason Mat...

Leaks, Lies, Libya...Lack of Leadership

Sharpton: We're Setting Up Poll-Watching 'Brigades'

Income Inequality Insanity: The 99% Are Growing Richer and Consuming Mor...

Obama Reelection Message: The Boss, Big Bird, Binders, Birth Control, Ba...

Obama's Controversial Ad Featuring Lena Dunham Analyzed by Greg Gutfeld...





Camille Paglia on Why She's Not Voting for President Obama

Latest Benghazi Excuse: Obama Administration Did Not Know that Libya Was...

Not Fixed

The Dinosaur Election

American Voices: Brian Sack

Biden treats SEALs funeral as wedding crasher

Hillary Clinton lies to SEAL father, blames YouTube video for Libya attack

Instavision: Camille Paglia on the Sneering Art Establishment and the Ge...

Military Told To Stand Down During Benghazi Attack

Paul Wolfowitz: Taiwan is positioned to become a center for trade and co...

NRA-ILA Grassroots News Minute 10-26-2012

CBS's John Dickerson Says Romney's On The March, Obama's Defensive

Michelle Malkin - Fact Checking Obama's "War on Women" & The Debate - Se...

George Gilder on Uncommon Knowledge

Ayn Rand - Government By Consensus

How to React to Muslim Demands

Report: 40% of Americans Have Cut Back on Spending - Katie Pavlich - Nei...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Putin Targets Virgin Voters in Campaign Ads And So Does Obama!

Here is Putin's ad (with commentary), which is as the video indicates widely considered creepy

And here is Obama's

Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit Speaks With Dana About Police Questioning

This is a little St Louis centric but the Gateway Pundit and Dana Loesch are know nationally

Yaron Answers: Obama's Ayn Rand Comments

Ann Visits "The Rachael Ray Show"

CNN Talks With Obama Camp And Says Obama's Math "Still Doesn't Add Up"

5 Ways Catholics Can Help Right Now

Martha McSally: "That's a war on women"





Mitt Romney Rallies In Reno

Paul Ryan Visits Cleveland State University


Obama: "I Couldn't Find My Plan"

FOX News General: Panetta Is the Real Man Who Gave the Execute Order on ...

RNC TV Ad: "Obamacare"

Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Running on Empty

Sneak Peek -- Election Hot Seat with Bill Whittle: How You Can Save Our ...

MSNBC Abuses Children and Foments Racial Hatred. Plus, Big Bird, Binders...

Benghazi-gate: Should Congress Start Drafting Articles of Impeachment?

New York Times Nonsense: Why Its Weekend Story on One on One Talks with ...

Scuzzy Kos Kiddies Going Overboard With GOP is for Rape Nonsense

The Daily Kos is reaching new lows is this Rape as an election issue defamation. For anyone who has any doubt NO ONE SUPPORTS RAPE (except maybe the Bill Clinton and some of the Kennedys)

This is truly disgusting and just goes to show how desperate, immoral, and soulless the left has become.

Read more at the Daily Kos (if you can stomach it)

This is so beyond the pale. I get emails from the Daily Kos (I have had an account for years to keep an eye on them) and this is what I got in my email today


Orlando Sentinel Endorsement

Reno Gazette-Journal Endorsement

Ruh-Roh... Obama's Crowds Continue to Dwindle

FOX NEWS: The ObamaCare Effect On Jobs

Barack Obama says Mitt Romney Is a "Bullsh*tter"

Thursdays With Michelle Malkin - Fox & Friends - 10-25-12

Donald Trumps Latest Offer Analyzed by Jedediah Bila Red Eye Panel L...

Portman Thanks Student for 45th Million Voter Contact

Portman Visits Liberty Twp, OH Election HQ

Milton Friedman on Liberalism

John Stossel: Presidential Campaign Media Coverage & How It's Manipulated