Thursday, December 6, 2012

Germany Israel state visit Netanyahu in Berlin

Sudan claims to have captured an 'Israeli spy vulture'

United Nations urged Syria not to use chemical weapons against its people

Chemical Syria: 'Enemies of Allah will die like rabbits'

Rush Limbaugh interviews Ed Feulner and Jim DeMint

Black Bloc Anarchists Video Analyzed and Exposed by - Brandon Darby & St...

Bob Costas' Supply-Side Gun Control Fallacy

Israelis prepare for threat of war with bomb shelters

Jovan Belcher, Bob Costas and Theories of Causation

PJTV: ZoNation: Jovan Belcher Tragedy: Blame the Man not the NRA


Rep. Tim Scott on Unions, the NLRB and Protecting Workers' Rights

GOP: The Party of the Rich? - Debated by Howard Dean vs. Katie Pavlich ...

Zimmerman Files Lawsuit against NBC

I bet this does not even go to trial.

(CNN) -- George Zimmerman, charged in the shooting death of a 17-year-old Florida boy, sued NBC Universal on Thursday for using "the oldest form of yellow journalism" by editing an audio tape of his 911 call to make him sound racist, the lawsuit said.

Zimmerman is seeking "damages in excess of the jurisdictional limit" in Seminole County Circuit Court in Florida, where the lawsuit is filed.

Zimmerman, who is Hispanic and is charged with second-degree murder, is accused of fatally shooting Trayvon Martin, who was African-American. The February incident has provoked national more
Just a reminder

Jim DeMint explains why he's leaving Senate

NYC Subway Murder Analyzed by Greg Gutfeld - The Five - 12-6-12

Anti-Gun Chicago Legislator Arrested At Airport -- With Gun... ABC7

Exclusive w/ AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio: UN Arms Treaty

The Wickedness Inside All of Us?

Graham: DeMint helped build a legacy in the GOP

Obamacare creator goes to work for Big Pharma

[GOD HELP US ALL] UN pushes for global Internet surveillance

Senator Rubio Sits Down with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly

Israeli official says Syria now biggest threat

Can Texas Secede from the Union?

Sessions: President's Fiscal 'Plan' Would Result In Nearly $9T In New Debt

Gohmert Says We Need To 'Get Serious' about Spending Problem

NRA-ILA Grassroots News Minute 12/06/2012

U.S. Airman Surprises Daughter During High School Theater Play

Obama visit to Myanmar fueled ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas: Massoud Sha...

Standing Up for Israel with Stand Up Comedy

Heritage Foundation Welcomes Jim DeMint as New President

Research by The Economist shows Israel in 20th spot

BBC - UKIP Nigel Farage responds to George Osbornes Autumn statement - D...

McCain 'Disturbed' About Syria, Chemical Weapons

Rand Paul Warns Boehner, Cantor: Hope You're Not Aspiring for Higher Office

Violence intensifies around Syrian capital

The true cost of the TSA

Australian PM Julia Gillard says the world IS going to end in hilarious ...

Star Trek: Into Darkness - Teaser Reveals First Footage

Germany moving towards ban on far-right NPD party

Greece far-Right Golden Dawn office bombed

Jim DeMint on Heritage's Influence

Sen. Rand Paul: Ashley Judd 'way damn too liberal' for our country

Thinking twice about complaining online

Save Us Chuck - Weather Of Mass Destruction

Morsi to address Egypt as more protests planned

Presidential Power Grab? - Thursdays With Michelle Malkin - Fox & Friend...

Syria: Clinton in top-level talks with Russia

Seoul sanction threat over North Korea rocket launch

Egyptian army parks tanks near Presidential palace

Age of extremism: global acts of terror have quadrupled since 9/11

WEBCAST: Syrian Bombs?

Inside Story - Is India ready for global retailers?

John Stossel - Job Killing Regulations

Somalia's humanitarian crisis remains critical

Judge Napolitano: Verizon to Bring Big Brother Into Your Living Room

Rand Paul to visit Israel in 2016

IMpossible is Nothing