Thursday, January 3, 2013

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Afghan entrepreneur fears withdrawal of U.S. troops

Flying Superman sighted

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Gun control: Should firearms be banned? A Truthloader LIVE Debate


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Boy Suspended for Gun Gesture?!

PJTV: How the Obama Administration Is Dumbing Down Education

PJTV: How the Obama Administration Is Dumbing Down Education

Gohmert Discusses His Vote for Speaker of the House

U.S. Day Ahead: If the jobs report comes under 100,000 be very worried

PJTV: Credibility Cliff: Americans Have Lost Faith in Their Government

Panda Blood Saves Humans!!


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Muslim Zionist Kasim Hafeez

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Depardieu Now Russian Citizen, Ducks French Supertax

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Craigslist sperm donor sued for child support

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Indian prosecutors to push for death penalty in gang rape case

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Spike in background checks to buy assault rifles

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Depardieu's Russian tax heaven

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Venezuela opposition wants answers on Chavez

Ahmadinejad blamed for Iran's economic woes

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