Saturday, March 30, 2013

St. Louis gun control rally - turn over rights to UN

North Korea declares 'state of war' with South

Bank of Cyprus big depositors to lose up to 60%

Friday, March 29, 2013

Six die in latest Pakistan suicide attack

Attack Of The Fresh Produce: The Great Eight

Liz Cheney: Opposition to Obama's Radical Agenda Is Not Obstruction, It'...

The Universal Background Check Dog and Pony Show

NRANews "Cam and Company" on Sportsman Channel - Clip of the Day - 3-28-13

North Korea Says Missiles Ready

Anti-Israel Billboard: A Response

Dr. Ben Carson Defends his Comment Comparing Gay Marriage to Animal/Chil...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

PETA Objects To Teen's Cow Raffle

Spring Break In Washington And The People's House Is Closed

Detroit debt reaching unsustainable levels: Motor City now under emergen...

David Petraeus Apologizes for Affair

Audio » Mark Levin - Supreme Court On California's Proposition 8

Cyprus Now The Template

Germany's Neo-Nazi NPD party under scrutiny

Bill O'Reilly Says He's "Fine" with "Gay Marriage" in NY; Thinks States ...

Save Us Chuck - The Sequester Sky Has Not Fallen

Pope Francis' first general audience

Boob Job From the Taxpayers

Raw: Stunning Video Captures Pole Into Bus

Tuesday, March 26, 2013



h/t TheBlaze

Real News » The Disability Bomb

Real News » Bloomberg Takes Nannying National

Department of Education's Mao Message - Greg Gutfeld - The Five - 3-25-13

NYC Mayor Announces $12 Million Gun-Control Ad Blitz - Emily Miller - A-...

Glenn Beck » The Progressive End Game

Adam Carolla talks Food Services Ad For Welfare Mothers with Bill O'Reil...

Democrats Play The Race Card AGAIN! - Deneen Borelli - Michael Meyers - ...

The Fed Won't Stop The Monetary Heroin Until We Die Of An Overdose

Save Us Chuck - Gabby's Husband

Top Down, Bottom Up » Guns


Ford Apologizes for Unauthorized Ad

Knox to Face New Murder Trial, and More

Google Glass Already Banned

Monday, March 25, 2013

Make a New Condom

Yaron Answers: High Frequency Trading

Everything Does NOT Give You Cancer

Colion Noir for NRA News: Episode 2

Meet The New NRA News Commentators

Oregon: Girls' Softball League Rifle Raffle Upsets Some in St. Helens

PJTV: 'The Bible' Miniseries: Does the Devil Really Resemble Obama?

Probing the RNC Autopsy: Is the GOP Dead?

Totally Gay, Totally Conservative: You Don't Need to Be Straight to Vote...

Europe Attempts to Tax Bank Accounts in Cyprus. Is America Next?

PJTV: Barack Obama, Destroyer of Souls!?! Does 'The Bible' Miniseries De...

PJTV: Racists Have No Place in the Conservative Movement

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rogers: 'Abundantly Clear' Red Line Has Been Crossed in Syria

LaPierre: Bloomberg 'Can't Spend Enough of $27B' to Buy America

Regis Giles, Founder of Talks Gun Debate - F...

Nigel Farage speech at UKIP Spring Conference Exeter Part 2 of 2 - 2013

Nigel Farage speech at UKIP Spring Conference Exeter Part 1 of 2 - 2013

U.S. Aid to Middle East Frenemies Defined by Lisa Daftari & Erick Stakel...

Mali ethnic conflict: a threat to future peace

Palm Sunday in Bethlehem: Priests and pilgrims mark holiday at Church of...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

ugh.. TODAY: 3/23 Obama Pushes Gun Control Weekly Address

MSNBC Moron Toure » Dr. Ben Carson Is The GOP's "Black Friend"

Illegal Immigrants Film TV Commercial Lobbying To Be Covered By ObamaCare

Krauthammer Schools Totenberg On Israeli Peace Offers » 'You Are Simply ...

Krauthammer » Senate Democrats Budget 'Marches Us Off A Cliff Into Greec...

Judge Jeanine:"Justice Delayed, IS Justice Denied; WE NEED JUSTICE for B...

Birthday Bash For ObamaCare » The Gift That Keeps On Taking

Timbuktu suicide bombing: insurgency fears rise

Hear 911 tapes from Ga. baby case

Union-Thugs Rush To Sign Workers Ahead Of Right-To-Work

Joe Does Backflips on Truth or Dare!

ALERT ** OFFICIAL Gun Bill Package Sent to Senate Floor (REPEAT)

Celebrate Human Achievement Hour

Fox Guest Wayne Rogers Outrages over ObamaCare: It's A Fascist Governmen...

Paralysis in Kiev: Ukrainian capital snowed under by freak March blizzard

Qatar: making the desert bloom

A Marine and his Dog

Nicolas Sarkozy faces funding investigation: former French president sub...

Book co-authored by Pope Francis and Argentinian Rabbi to be translated ...

Obama Mideast tour: US President pledges USD 200 million for Jordan's Sy...

PJTV: 'The Bible' Miniseries: Does the Devil Really Resemble Obama?

Islamist Egypt in flames: supporters and opponents of Muslim Brotherhood...

Netanyahu says sorry to Turks: Israeli apology paves way for renewal of ...

Listening Post - Regulating a free press

Thursday, March 21, 2013

'The Five' Discusses Background Checks, Charlie Cooke's Piece

Prostitution Legalized in Paris Soon?

Deal or no deal, the options for Cyprus

Magpul Set to Leave Colorado After Magazine-Limits Bill Signed into Law

Obama: Palestinians Deserve Their Own State


Krauthammer » Obama Has "Abandoned The Naive View" He Had Of Middle East

Dom Raso - New Commentator for NRA News

Save Us Chuck - Unfunded Liabilities

Parisians react to French hostage crisis: Mali intervention makes French...

Pope Francis hosts Jewish leaders at Vatican: Jewish community has welco...

Obama's Health Secretary Says Double Digit Increase In Insurance Rates "...

Suspects planned to decapitate singer Joss Stone.

Thursdays w/ Michelle Malkin - White House Faux Friendship & Photo Ops i...

Obama meets Abbas: US President meets Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ken Campbell Discussing Assault Weapons

Gohmert Questions ICE Director in Judiciary Hearing

The Presidency: The Constitution & the Presidency

Allen West Stands With Rand at CPAC

Family's Home Raided over Facebook Photo of Child's Rifle

Cat memes hit the big screen

Save Us Chuck - Wind Turbines

Pakistan police arrest suspect in 2002 murder of Wall Street Journal rep...

Malala goes back to school: iconic Pakistani schoolgirl activist Malala ...

Pat Caddell Goes Off on GOP at CPAC 2013

Dr. Benjamin Carson Responds to Rush Limbaugh Comments on Fox & Friends ...

Praise for RNC's Growth & Opportunity Report

Peres to Obama: America and Israel Share a Destiny

Mark Levin TORCHES Harry Reid for exploiting Marine tragedy for sequeste...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Woman Survives Wolf Attack, Drives to Hospital

Colion Noir - New Commentator for NRA News

Morning Joe Revisits Dems Who Supported Iraq War Before They Were Agains...

John Stossel - The Conservative's Case Against Liberty

Save Us Chuck - Sequester Analogy

Dr. Carson on 2016: I Like Rand, But I May Run Too

Mark Levin Blasts House GOP Leaders Ready to Push Amnesty without GOP Ma...

Marines remember Iwo Jima

Ukip's heartland: immigration, the EU and clean toilets

Cypriot politicians rethink controversial savings plan

North Korea's nuclear programme

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hoover fellows Eric Hanushek and Paul Peterson discuss the Equity and Ex...

Dashcam: Police Officer pulls over Speeding Car, helps Deliver Baby on s...

NRANews Cam and Company Clip of the Day 3-18-13

Yaron Answers: Should Tying Agreements Be Illegal?

Colion Noir for NRA News: Episode 1

Jerusalem prepares for Obama arrival: Israel gets ready for US President...

In Vitro Meat Could Save World, Make You Puke

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus at The National Press Club

Trillion-Dollar Liquid Gold Mine: Who Taps First?

Jake Tapper on Cyprus-like Confiscation of Savings in America: "One Wond...

Pamela Geller on BLAZE TV Andrew Wilcow's Show on AFDI #MyJihad ads

Sen. Kevin Lundberg on Magazine Ban in Colorado (FULL)

Drones Over America: A Booming Business in North Dakota?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ann Coulter's Fiery CPAC Speech

CBS's Bob Schieffer: The Fact That Dems Budget Never Balances Stands Out...

Steubenville Rape Trial Verdict Expected

Matt Kibbe vs. Steve LaTourette Debate Future of GOP Image - Fox News Su...

'The Bible' TV Series Sets New Ratings Records

If $9 trillion debt was unpatriotic according to Obama, what does $16 tr...

Press Picks Sides In DC Budget Battle

Press Picks Sides In DC Budget Battle

Mali: "Our sons joined them because they were hungry"

Journal Editorial Report » Is Obama's Republican Outreach Sincere?

UN consensus on violence against women agreed: Muslim groups criticized ...

Bulls & Bears » Budget Battle

Plane crashes into cars and a boat in Florida

Are "Green" Cars Really Clean? New Report Raises Questions About Pollution

Obama Doesn't View Debt As Immediate Crisis

UN peacekeepers could be in Mali by July: France eager to share security...

The austerity Poniff: new Pope Francis I outlines his vision of a Cathol...

Pope Francis reaches out to the global Jewish community and pledges furt...

Anti-Islamist anger: Protest on 40-day anniversary of Belaid's murder

Judge Jeanine Calls Out Obama on White House Tour Closings - Opening St...

Deneen Borelli Post CPAC 2013 Analysis - Fox News - 3-16-13

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mark Levin Eviscerates Joe Scarborough's Mindless Attack on Sen. Ted Cru...

Why Female Gun Ownership is Up 77% Since 2005

The Bill of Rights and George Washington's Acts of Congress: Session 1 —...

Save Us Chuck - Stupid Laws (New Jersey)

Save Us Chuck - "My Doctor Dumped Me"

Paul Ryan on the Need to Protect and Strengthen Medicare

Paul Ryan Takes Apart the Medicare Attacks

Unwavering Support: Gallup poll shows Americans support Israel now more ...

Palin Takes a Big Gulp

Bachmann: 'We're the Ones Paying for Someone to Walk the President's Dog'

WATCH: Fiery Sarah Palin Speech at CPAC 2013

Dr. Ben Carson at CPAC

Iditarod Race 2013: Missing Sled Dog Found

BREAKING! North Korea Warns Citizens To Evacuate Border Region

Walker: Conservatives Think With Our Heads, But Not Our Hearts

Friday, March 15, 2013

"Don't You Dare Tell Me How to Best Defend Myself"

NRA-ILA Grassroots News Minute 03-15-2013

NRA CEO & EVP Wayne LaPierre at CPAC 2013

Friday Lightning Round » Egypt Aid Controversy

JP Morgan Chase Is Scolded by The Senate for Losses - Ron Meyer - Neil C...

The Daily Charles - March 15, 2013

NRA's Chris Cox and Kyle Weaver at CPAC 2013

Rush Limbaugh Details Pat Caddell's Hammering GOP Consultant Class at CPAC

Race and Politics Debated by - Greg Gutfeld - The Five - 3-15-13

23-Year-Old Conservative Congressional Candidate Ron Meyer Takes on MSNB...

Senator Ted Cruz Talks About Clash With Senator Feinstein on Gun Ban w/ ...

Judge Napolitano Explains the Latest 'Gross Violation' of Your Privacy B...

A YOUTUBER hits #1 On The Charts! It's Five On Friday!!

NASA Mars Curiosity Rover Report -- March 15, 2013

RURdy4It Prepper Rant

Mars Once Habitable on This Week @NASA

'Trouble ahead' in Israel coalition

Thomas Sowell - What Evidence Supports Affirmative Action?

Save Us Chuck - Stupid Laws (New Jersey)

Elaine Chao Is Racist Tweet Target of Liberal Super Pac Attacks - Fox & ...

What's ahead: Pope Francis' first days

EU to bailout Cyprus?

Dramatic video of an acrobat falling through a circus net in Moscow

TED CRUZ vs DIANNE FEINSTEIN "It's Fine You Want To Lecture Me On The Co...