Friday, September 26, 2014

Judge Napolitano Excoriates Eric Holder's Time In Office

Limbaugh on Holder

UC Berkeley Students Call for Murder: 'We Support the Intifada'

Ronan Farrow: WHO is to blame for beheading??

Chris Matthews: Jihadist Terrorists are just like Poor Black Americans

MSNBC Mocks Bruce Braley's "Hapless" Campaign

MSNBC Mocks Bruce Braley's "Hapless" Campaign

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3 Steps to the GOP Winning in November

Tech Oligarchs Wage War on Middle Class

Holder Steps Down, Jeter Retires & Apple Apologizes

Underwood Award: Disagree with him and go to Jail!

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Dem. John Lewis Says Progressive Policies are Helping African Americans ...

And Now Some Good News...

Obama v. The Generals: Avoiding Repeat of Last War May Botch This One