Thursday, November 29, 2012

Today in History for November 30th

Sen Susan Collins Talks To Greta About Deceitful Amb Susan Rice

IDF report explains militants' use of media centres as cover for attacks

Huckabee: It isn't just about jobs, it's about people

Thwarting Global Gun Grabbers Congress Moves to Stop Obama From Signing ...

"War On Christmas" Debated by Bill O'Reilly vs. RI Gov. Lincoln Chaffee ...

Musicians Changing Their Tune Against Big Gov. Debated by Tara Dowdell v...

Convicted Candidate In IL Debated by David Webb vs. Alexis McGill Johnso...

Drug war crushing Mexico's tourism

Japan injects billions to revive ailing tech industry

Silent Spring at 50: The False Crises of Rachel Carson (Richard Tren)

NewsBusted 11/30/12

Short History of John Brown

Governor Chaffee to Bill O'Relly: Your Show, FOX News, You Guys Are Too ...

Our Commander-in-Chief

Dem Rep. Hank Johnson: Amend Constitution to Restrict Freedom of Speech


 More of Hank's greatest hits

America On the Road to Oz

h/t Newsbusters

Nice Bumper Sticker

This Is Not A Surprise

Judge Napolitano: Which States Are Opting Out of Obamacare Health Insura...

Small businesses and the fiscal cliff

Judge Napolitano: Republicans Should Remember George H.W. Bush's 'Read M...

Rand Paul on The Folly of Raising Taxes: "People Up Here Are Not to Be T...

My Not So Serious Solution to the Fiscal Cliff

Syrians fear more outbursts of violence

Judge Napolitano 'Not A Challenge To Constitutionality of Individual Man...

NYPD officer helps homeless man

U.N. votes to recognize Palestine as a state

Palestinians celebrate statehood recognition

Rick Santelli: What Ails Health Care Trades?

First look at Obama's "fiscal cliff" proposal

Spending + Tax the rich

Milton Friedman: The Value of Imports

Rice: U.N. vote further obstacle to peace

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - Wal-Mart Hatred

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - Gun Control

Egypt: Mursi justifies new decree on state TV

[Egypt] Assembly votes to keep principles of Islamic law

Charlie Gasparino: Warren Buffett Is Just an Obama Mouthpiece

Hill Meetings Fail in Progress on Fiscal Cliff

Ramallah celebrates U.N. vote in the streets

U.N. votes to give Palestinian Authority higher status

Carney: Obama "has not made a decision" on nominating Rice

The Stream - Should the UN regulate the internet? [I SAY NO WAY!]

Save Us Chuck - McCarthyism

UN recognises Palestine as non-member state

[Traitor] Bradley Manning describes being "tortured"

The man should ever be allowed to walk free again and I think he should get the death penalty.

America's oil independence up for auction

Instead of answering the question the guest just goes off on oil bashing side trip citing global warming.

Privacy up for vote: Senate considers new electronic communication law

Full Speech: Mahmoud Abbas addresses the UN

Israel opposes UN resolution recognising Palestine as UN non-member state

Abbas calls Israel Racist, Colonialist State at UN

Loud cheers as PA Pres. Abbas addresses the UN

Sessions: Why Aren't Reforms Being Discussed For Largest Portion Of Budget?

Analysis: Palestinians renews UN statehood bid

SecDef Meets with Isreali Minister of Defense

Marco's Constituent Mailbox: Fiscal Cliff Concerns

Transplant recipient has emotional reunion with donor's family

Sessions Calls For Moving Secret Fiscal Negotiations 'Out Of The Shadows'

Palestinian UN bid 'bad political theater'? - RT talks to Israeli PM pre...

Pelosi: GOP "can hike on back" for "fiscal cliff" negotiations

Iraq attacks leave dozens dead

Boehner: "No substantive progress" on "fiscal cliff" talks

For All the GOP Oppo Researchers Out There...

Ex-con running for Jesse Jackson Jr.'s seat

Wikileaks founder 'needs medical attention'

Reid on Boehner: "I don't understand his brain"

That is because YOU are insane Harry!

Wikileaks founder 'needs medical attention'

Young Americans Prefer Smoking Pot Over Cigarettes

Bias Bash: Foreign policy fiasco

Breakingviews: Argentina's chance for a deal

John Boehner on Fiscal Cliff: 'White House Has to Get Serious'

Speaker of the House: Fiscal Cliff Is No Game

Rush Limbaugh: Republicans need to walk away from any deal on the fiscal...

Mitch McConnell Slams Democrats: Raising Taxes Is the Holy Grail of Libe...

PJTV: Read My Lips: Why The 'No-Tax-Hike' Pledge IS an IQ Test for Repub...

Tahrir protest ahead mursi speech

Palestine seeks promotion at UN

Senator Rubio at the 2012 Washington Ideas Forum

Arming Children With The Facts About Guns

Flash Points: What's behind President Morsi's power grab?

Students campaign against anti-Semitic Tweets

Jew in Iran killed over religious dispute

Pastor Rick Warren updates "The Purpose Driven Life...

What Israeli officials think about Palestinian UN bid

Anti-Tax Pledge leader: Going into a recession no matter what

Norquist: Two conditions could make fiscal cliff solution "good"

Do Economic Indicators Show U.S. in Recession?

Gaza leaders caught making false claims

John Stossel - The Fiscal Cliff

James Patrick Riley, "We need to fight in creative ways"

Brzezinski: US won't follow Israel like a stupid mule

Raw: Wave of Bombings Leave Dozens Dead in Iraq

Thursdays With Michelle Malkin - Fox & Friends - 11-29-12

Egypt's Morsi to explain power grab in national address

Geithner heads to the hill for "fiscal cliff" talks

College Indoctrination to Liberal Ideology Debated - Katie Pavlich vs.Pe...

Egyptian President set to address the nation

Sex Trafficking Report Finds Some States Lacking

Iran doubles Syria peace talks effort amid raging violence

Ghazi Hamad discusses Palestinian UN bid

Capability of Congolese army put into question

Pillar of Defense aftermath: new IDF recruits want to work with iconic I...

Syrian Civil War: rebels claim to have shot down government warplane wit...

Persian Gulf tensions: Iranian Republic debuts new military submersible

Kosher concerns: Polish court rules Jewish and Muslim ritual slaughter i...

Merkel honoured by German Jewish community

Turkey's Erdogan mulls trip to Gaza Strip

Palestinians to renew UN recognition bid

Mark Regev discusses Palestinian UN bid

Palestinian Bid - News Bulletin - 03:35 GMT update

MALI UNREST - News Bulletin - 09:35 GMT update

Palestinian Pursuit: 'If Abbas loses, Hamas wins'

Nicole Johnston reports from Ramallah before UN vote

Palestine UN bid: Fanfare in New York, despair on the ground

Yemenis hold sit-in in front of President's House

Inside Story Americas - The US role in the DR Congo conflict

IRANIAN PERSPECTIVE [NOT MINE} 'Israel now has little global support'

UK press inquiry report due to be published

Diana Buttu discusses Palestinian UN bid

Lawmakers question why they weren't told of Petraeus probe


A hot Hong Kong commodity -- banned books

YouTube movie rage: Egyptian court sentences anti-Islam filmmakers to de...

The day of truth dawns for the Palestinians.

Bill O’Reilly And Atheist Leader Have Gonzo Confrontation Over Christmas: ‘You Are A Fascist!’

A 150 years ago man wanted to have tombstone an eternal warning to be aware of 'Treasonous Democrats!'

I do not know if this real but it is awesome

Vote due on Egyptian constitution

Glenn Beck Clashes With Creator Of Crucified Obama Painting Over First Amendment Hypocrisy: ‘This Is So Dishonest’

Gay Marriage explained

How Liberal Journalists Think