Thursday, August 29, 2013

Voter Verification Issues Analyzed by David Webb - Fox & Friends - Fox News - 8-29-13

'War On Poverty' 50 Years & $16 Trillion Later - Rich Benjamin vs. Ron Meyer - Cavuto - 8-28-13

The Language of the Left Debated by Deneen Borelli & Jacques Degraff - Sean Hannity - 8-28-13

Showdown With Syria Analyzed by Michelle Malkin - Sean Hannity - Fox News - 8-28-13

50th Anniversary March Reviewed by Charles Krauthammer - Special Report - All Star Panel - 8-28-13

Pentagon: Founding Fathers Were "Extremists" - Greg Gutfeld 'The Five' - Fox News - 8-28-13

Syrian Electronic Army Behind Hack Attacks on Western Media - Jessie Jane Duff - Cavuto - 8-28-13

TRIFECTA - Teen Sex Shocker: 'Slane Girl' Reveals the Dark Morality of the Internet

TRIFECTA - War Drums: Assad Crosses Red Line, as U.S. Warships Deployed

ZoNATION: 'I am Christopher Lane'--Where are the Baseball Caps? A Racially Motivated Murder Ignored

The Great One: Mark Levin on Restoring the Constitutional Republic

ZoNATION: False Concern: Missing the Racism Forest for the Trees

Monday, August 26, 2013

David Webb SCHOOLS Juan Williams on Obamacare - Chris Wallace - Fox News Sunday - 8-25-13

State of GOP - Obamacare Rollout - David Webb - Chris Wallace - Fox News Sunday - 8-25-13

50 Years Later - How Far Have We Come? - David Webb - Chris Wallace - Fox News Sunday - 8-25-13

Sen Cruz, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin Praise Kutcher's Hard Work Message - 'Cashin In' 8-24-13

New NSA Revelations Fueling Outrage - 'Cashin In' - Katie Pavlich - Jonathan Hoenig - 8-24-13

Talk of U S Boycott in Australia - Katie Pavlich - Eric Bolling - 'Cashin In' - Fox News - 8-24-13

"Skip Starbucks Saturday" TPNN's Scottie Hughes vs. Kim Russell - Fox & Friends - 8-24-13

Why America's Youth Commit Senseless Crimes? Allen West on Fox & Friends Weekend 8-24-13

Morality and The Movies by Greg Gutfeld - 'The Five' - Fox News - 8-23-13

50 Years Ago Liberals Believed in Tax Cuts 'Common Sense' by Neil Cavuto - Fox News - 8-23-13

Gang Initiation Cause of Chris Lane Murder - David Webb - Tamara Holder- Fox News - 8-23-13

Friday, August 23, 2013

Glenn Beck: Higher Education

Health-Care Police Force Coming After Employers Violating ObamaCare

Lou Dobbs: The Cultural Differences Between Democrats, Republicans

DHS Employee Spends Spare Time Promoting Race War Against Whites, Has Shocking Hate-Filled Website

Defund ObamaCare Tour On Cruz Control

Super PAC Trying To Persuade Dr. Benjamin Carson To Run For President In 2016

The Moral Decay In American Youth - Allen West - Juan Williams - David Webb - Fox News - 8-22-13

Greg Gutfeld & Bernie McGuirk - Boycotting 'The Butler' & Al Jazeera America - O'Reilly - 8-22-13

Katie Pavlich - Greg Gutfeld - Chris Lane Murder & Violence in America - 'The Five'- 8-22-13

The Red Line: One Year Later - Dana Loesch - Penny Lee - David Webb - Hannity - 8-22-13

Oklahoma 'Thrill Kill' Murder by Greg Gutfeld - 'The Five' - Fox News - 8-22-13

OReilly Factor - 'Tip of the Day' - Al Jazeera Network Slams Fox News - 8-21-13

Youth Unemployment at 16.1% - Kayleigh McEnany - Stuart Varney - FBN - 8-22-13

Where Are All The Activists? Thursdays With Michelle Malkin - Fox & Friends - 8-22-13

ZoNATION: False Concern: Missing the Racism Forest for the Trees

Thursday, August 22, 2013

For The Record "Surveillance State Exposed" TONIGHT on TheBlaze TV

TRIFECTA - Obama Flouts Law and Exempts Congress from ObamaCare

Christopher Lane's Double Standard Death Examined by Deneen Borelli on Fox & Friends - 8-22-13

Michelle Malkin SCHOOLS Richard Fowler on Gun Control - Monica Crowley - Hannity - 8-21-13

Dennis Miller Time - California Convict Perks - Bill O'Reilly - 'The Factor' - Fox News - 8-21-13

Tea Party Pushing Lawmakers To Defund Obamacare - Katrina Pierson - Neil Cavuto - Fox News - 8-21-13

UPS To Drop 15,000 Spouses From Insurance Blame Obamacare - Deneen Borelli - FBN - 8-21-13

$1 Billion Spent on Obamacare Ads by 2015 - Katie Pavlich vs. Alan Colmes - Fox News - 8-21-13

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mark Levin Calls GOP 'French Republicans' (COMPLETE) Sean Hannity - Fox News - 8-20-13

Student Loan Debt -- Clamping Down on Banks -- Scottie Hughes -- Julie Roginsky -- FBN -- 8-20-13

Benghazi Stonewalling Defined by Charles Krauthammer - All Star Panel - Fox News - 8-20-13

Increased Attacks on Christians in Egypt - Lisa Daftari - Shannon Bream - America Live - 8-20-13

Prayer & Politics - Common Core Push Back - Michelle Malkin - America News Room - Fox News - 8-20-13

Pay The Obamacare Penalty and Save The Money - Ron Meyer - Stuart Varney - FBN - 8-20-13

New Jersey: Governor Christie Vetoes Major Anti-Gun Bills

Washington: Spokane Schools Revelation Affirms NRA Recommendation

Cam Edwards Extends Invite to LA Community College Board of Trustees Vice President Scott Svonkin

Colion Noir for NRA News: "Compromise"

Strengths and Weaknesses: Hillary Will Overrun GOP in 2016

TRIFECTA - Obama Wants a Deal on Fannie, Freddie & Corporate Taxes. Should Republicans Make It?

The Administration Scandal Game: Nixon or Obama?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

While Egypt Burns - Katie Pavlich vs. Carrie Wofford - Sean Hannity - Fox News - 8-19-13

Steve "Jobs" Film Only $6.7 on Opening Weekend - Michelle Fields - Cavuto - FBN - 8-19-13

Chris Phillips to Sean Hannity: "Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-Semitism" - Fox News - 8-19-13

Rollin' With Adam Carolla "It Takes Courage To Save Money" - Bill O'Reilly - 'The Factor' - 8-19-13

A-Rod Hit By Pitch Discussed by Bernie Goldberg with Bill O'Reilly - 'The Factor' - 8-19-13

Chris Christie's Political Future -- Emily Miller -- Charles Blow -- Brooke Baldwin - 8-19-13

Obamacare Fallout For 'Forever 21' - Michelle Malkin - America Live - Fox News - 8-19-13

MSNBC: Clinton's Early Campaigning Is Bad News For Obama And Clinton

Disgusting Hypocrites - CBS: San Diego Democrats Line Up To Support Bob Filner

Friday, August 16, 2013

L.A. to San Francisco in 30 Minutes? Elon Musk's Hyperloop Leaves the 'High-Speed' Rail in the Dust

BRILLIANT! Obama Manages to Piss Off Vast Majority of Egyptians Today With His Remarks

AWFUL. Obama Compares Muslim Brotherhood Bloodbath to the United States

'Million Muslim March' Planned for 9/11 - Brigitte Gabriel vs. MD Rabbi Alam - Hannity - 8-15-13

Gutfeld and McGuirk Talk 'Stop & Frisk' in NYC & The Kardashians - Bill O'Reilly - 8-15-13

Gun Control Contradictions - Greg Gutfeld - 'The Five' Fox News - 8-15-13

Violence Rocks Egypt - Over 500 Dead - Lisa Daftari - Christian Whiton - FBN - 8-15-13

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Standing For Free Speech

Debate Over Raising Taxes To Get Students Online

Will The Hillary Films Include... The Pardon & Clemency Scandals?

Thursdays With Michelle Malkin - Rubio Immigration Reform - Rodeo Outrage - Fox & Friends - 8-15-13

John Stossel - What's Up With Detroit?

Oprah Outrage Debated by Deneen Borelli vs. Tara Dowdell - Sean Hannity - Fox News - 8-14-13

Men Want Women to Pay on Dates - Michelle Fields - Hadley Heath - Neil Cavuto - FBN - 8-14-13

Frustration of Immigration Reform - Michelle Fields - Hadley Heath - Neil Cavuto - FBN - 8-14-13

Clown Controversy & Hypocrisy of Political Parodies Debated - Greg Gutfeld - 'The Five' 8-14-13

Elbert Guillory (R-LA) Expresses Outrage Over Harry Reid Racist Comments - Neil Cavuto - 8-14-13

Less Than 3% of Federal Workers Want to Join Obamacare - Dr. Ben Carson - Neil Cavuto - 8-14-13

Supporting Our Veterans - Actor & Patriot, Gary Sinise on America Live - Fox News - 8-14-13

Clown Controversy Debated - David Webb vs Julie Roginsky - America Live - Fox News - 8-14-13

School Bus Assault - Debated by: Kevin Jackson vs. Basil Smikle Jr. - Sean Hannity - 8-13-13

Deadly Chaos Grips Egypt -- Erick Stakelbeck -- America Live -- Fox News -- 8-14-13

Missouri State Fair Bans Rodeo Clown Who Mocked Obama - Red Eye- The Lede - 8-14-13

TRIFECTA - Obama's Justice Department Moves to Ease Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Will The Hillary Films Include... The Norman Hsu Scandal?

Missouri Rodeo Announcer: "It's a Witch Hunt... I Didn't Do Anything Wrong!"

Could Today's Libertarian Become Tomorrow's Liberal? - Scottie Hughes - Charles Payne - 8-13-13

Katie Pavlich - Are Hillary Clinton Speeches Prelude to WH Run? - Martha MacCallum - 8-13-13

10 Yr. Old Christian Girl Murdered in Egypt -- Lisa Daftari -- America Live -- Fox News - 8-13-13

Ashton Kutcher's Work Wisdom Analyzed by Greg Gutfeld - 'TheFive' - Fox News - 8-13-13

Charles Krauthammer on Obamacare: "The Law is Arcane" - Special Report - Fox News - 8-13-13

Transgender Controversy in CA Schools K-12 - @DLoesch

Missouri State Fair Bans Rodeo Clown Who Mocked Obama - Red Eye- The Lede - 8-14-13

TRIFECTA - Go, Dog Go! The Obama Family Dog Gets Airlifted to Martha's Vineyard at Taxpayer Expense

ZoNATION: Hillary-ous Feminism

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Red Eye - 'A Block' Talk Bob Filner & Anthony Weiner - Greg Gutfeld - M...

Vacation Reality for Obama and Congress - Dana Loesch - Greta Van Suster...

Hollywood Hypocrisy of Matt Damon & Public Schools - Michelle Fields v. ...

Michelle Malkin Critiques Obama's Appearance on 'The Tonight Show' -- Se...

Oprah Winfrey Takes Swipe at Fox News While Promoting "The Butler"- Kati...

Murderer Turned Professor at Millikin University - Greg Gutfeld - 'The F...

Young Conservatives to GOP: Ramp Up on 'Social Media' Presence - Kayleig...

Some Gitmo Detainees Could Return to Yemen - Lisa Daftari - Walid Phare...

GOP Chairman vs. CNN & NBC Debated -David Webb vs. Tamara Holder - Ame...

Should Schools Be Checking Students for Drugs? - Jedediah Bila v. Bishop...

'Presidential Priorities' Debated by Dana Loesch vs. Christy Setzer - Se...

Benghazi Victim's Mother Asks Clinton for More Answers on Benghazi

CNN's John King: Obama Admin's Benghazi Claims Have Been Inconsistent An...

Ambassador Pickering Refuses To Defend Benghazi ARB To CNN

CBS This Morning: RNC Chairman Priebus Calls on NBC and CNN to Stop Pro...

Good Morning America: RNC Chairman Priebus Calls on NBC and CNN to Stop... | MiMi Falb: New Energy

NRA Life of Duty | Patriot Profiles: Outlaw Platoon Part III Trailer

Virginia Gubernatorial Nominee Terry McAuliffe: 'Gun Violence Going Down...

Virginia Gun Crime Drops Again as Firearm Sales Soar

TRIFECTA - Bye, Bye Mahmoud: The Future of Iran Without Ahmadinejad

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jay Leno Rips Obama in Monologue as Barack Waits Off Stage

Despite Major Terror Threat - Obama Withdraws Special Forces From Italy ...

Breaking: A-ROD BOOED LOUDLY in Chicago Following MLB Suspension

Jay Carney: Our Information Suggests Al-Qaeda Attack May Be Focused on A...

GAO Report Reveals Obama Administration Blew $500 Million on Green Jobs ...

TRIFECTA - Al Qaeda Is On The Run? Obama's Foreign Policy Projects Confu...

ZoNATION: No Means No: Ariel Castro and Obama are Both Molesters

David Webb on Matt Damon Private Schooling Hypocrisy -- 'The Five' - Fox...

School Bus Beating Discussed by @GregGutfeld - David Webb - 'The Five' -...

David Webb Exposes Historical Truth About Radical Islam - 'The Five' - F...

Timing of President's Leno Appearance Sparks Debate - Scottie Hughes v. ...

Pew: 36% of Millenials Still Living w/ Parents - Kaleigh McEnany - Stuar...

Fracking Capital - Midland TX is 'Boom Town' USA! - Mayor Wesley Perry -...

'Presidential Priorities' Debated by Dana Loesch vs. Christy Setzer - @DLoesch

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mark Levin's New Book..."The Liberty Amendments"

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 "...The long-awaited new book on how to fix our broken government by the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Liberty and Tyranny and Ameritopia....:

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Democrat Leo Hindery: CNN & NBC Clinton Programs Inappropriate And Will ...

Right to Free Cell Phones? Sen. David Vitter Speaks Out

Right to Free Cell Phones? Sen. David Vitter Speaks Out

New Al Qaeda Threat Analyzed by Greg Gutfeld on 'The Five' - Fox News - ...

More Trouble Ahead for Health Care Rollout - Dr. Benjamin Carson - Neil ...

Terror Chatter Increases in Middle East - Lisa Daftari & Capt. Chuck Nas...

Trial Of Accused Ft Hood Shooter, Nidal Hasan - Debated by David Webb -...

Jedediah Bila & Greg Gutfeld Talking 'Poop' on Red Eye - Robert Davi - ...

Red Eye - Ariel Castro Sentenced for 1000 Years! - Greg Gutfeld - Jededi...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Congressman Peter King: 'Al Qaeda Is In Many Ways Stronger Than It Was B...

John Walsh Talks About FBI Operation To End Child Sex Trafficking

Woman Hangs On For Her Life After Driver Nathan Campbell Plows Down Veni...

House Oversight Subpoenas Obama Treasury Secretary For Withholding IRS T...

Weiner...Spitzer...Filner...OH MY! Sext Scandal Silence From The Left - ...

Julianne Ortman - Republican Candidate for US Senate - MN - WCCO Intervi...

"Take Your Jobs Plan and Shove It, Mr. President! " Editor- Drew Johnson...

Red Eye - Seattle PC Alert "Brown Bag" & "Citizen" = Bad Words - 'The L...

Judge Jeanine Slams Obama: Thanks to you, we're now a Paper Tiger! - Ope...

Tax Payers Funding Sexual Harassment Training - Katie Pavlich - Eric Bol...

Obama Phone Program Exposed - 'Cashin In' - Katie Pavlich - Eric Bolling...

Obama Phone Program Exposed - 'Cashin In' - Katie Pavlich - Eric Bolling...

Union Backed Protesters Demand Workers Wages to $15 Per Hour - Cashin In...

The REAL War on Women - Emily Miller - Fox & Friends Weekend - 8-3-13

Friday, August 2, 2013

Ted Cruz Explains with Mark Levin why Select Committees Needed for Bengh... @marklevinshow @SenTedCruz

Anti-Israeli Quds Day held in Iran

Muslim faithful caught trying to climb West Bank wall

Darrrell Issa: Hiding Benghazi Survivors Is "Obstruction" and "Illegal U... @gatewaypundit | Kim Heath: Managing Rifle Weight

ZoNATION: Time to Manhandle Anthony Weiner and Piers Morgan @AlfonZoRachel

TRIFECTA - Toyota for President?!? Toyota Feeds Hurricane Sandy Victims @BillWhittle @Scott_Ott @VodkaPundit

AFTERBURNER with BILL WHITTLE: Sarah Palin was Right @BillWhittle

TRIFECTA - Insane: Bankrupt Detroit Spending $444 Million on Hockey Arena @BillWhittle @Scott_Ott @VodkaPundit

TRIFECTA - Democrats See the Shortcomings of Weiner and Huma @BillWhittle @Scott_Ott @VodkaPundit

BREAKING: Obama Dispersing Benghazi Survivors Around US and Changing the...

Ariel Castro: Girls Were Happy... You Can Tell From Their Video... Nobod...

Terrific! Senator Rand Paul Invited Gov. Chris Christie to Beer Summit

Federal Dollars For The Dead - TPNN's Scottie Hughes on Fox & Friends -...

Health Care Surprise For Young People - Katie Pavlich - Neil Cavuto - @KatiePavlich

Greg Gutfeld's Economic Lesson for Barack Obama - @greggutfeld