Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Louisiana OKs Gun Rights Amendment

Sales of Guns in the Wake of President Obama's Re-Election

Voter Fraud?

If true then this election judge need to go to jail. When we find this type of thing we must not delude ourselves that it will change the election, but those resposible for this type of fraud need to by punished. The marginal "cost" of election fraud needs to be greater than the marginal "benefit."

Read more about this at Dana Loesch's website

"This morning I watched Polling Judge Michelle Brown hand this “guide” to two elderly gentleman, and stand over their shoulder while she “tapped” the correct bubbles to fill in. Yes, I have contacted the attorney general and FBI. I have never asked anyone to “share” something before, but this is important. My polling place was Gregg Tabernacle Church, 1812 E. 37th St., KC MO." -Jonathan Lowery

Glenn Beck: ‘Freedom Is At Stake, And Freedom Lost Last Night’

Thick Irony

Dave Kopel on Second Amendment Election Results

WARNING LAUGUAGE: Obama supporters celebrate no more Israel

Detroit is dead

Told Ya So

I actually thought this stuff would take a week or two

Mark Steyn - The Morning After

Mark Steyn talks to Tommy Schnurmacher of CJAD 800 in Montreal about a grim night for American conservatives

Listen: The Tommy Schnurmacher Show

Alternate Link: The Morning After

Obama Won but AMERICA LOST...

Dennis Miller: "Mr. Romney I'm Proud of You, You're a Good Man"- Bill O'...

Tell Me About It

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We Are Not Immune To History...And I Do Not Mean The Good Kind

 I love how some people think we are immune to the lessons of history. How it will "never happen to us because..." The lesson is hard learned.

PJTV: Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It: Big Wins for Obama, Marijuana ...

Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham debate how Romney lost the election [AUDIO]

Read more: at the Daily Caller

Steve Forbes: US Heading for Recession With 2nd Obama Term

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Hunker Down

I hear a lot of rock solid conservatives talking about continue to fight etc...

Although I agree whole heartily I contend this is no longer about fixing our problems and restoring our founding principles. It is about hanging on as long as possible and making every inch they take harder then the last one. It is about looking closer to home to our communities and families.

This is not a time of anger and hate or as our President say revenge. It is time to be strong. Be charitable if you can, but do not be overly generous or gracious.

If our fears prove to be unfounded then that is good, but prepare as best you can against your worst fears. I guess what I am saying is that it is time to "hunker down."

Bill O'Reilly: It's Not a Traditional America Anymore