Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Obama Mocks GOP on Border Security: 'Maybe They'll Want a Moat... Alliga...

Actually I like the idea of a moat and alligators! Also, sharks and grizzly bears too!

Socialism vs Capitalism: Milton Friedman.

Oil And Obama - Come On Nancy,Get Real

Something that should be pointed out. Oil companies do not GET money from the tax payers. Nancy's statement about how the oil companies should not get $1 from her. Well they don't, all they might get is what amounts to a tax deduction; not unlike someone might get for childcare expenses or mortgage interest.

Where Is The Democrat Budget?

Sessions Wary Of Secret Meetings, Tax Increases As Solution To Debt Problem

I'm Absolutely Fed Up With This Progressive Crap

Bill O'Reilly Scolds Juan WIlliams For Comparing US Policy to Poking Out...

More Closed-Door Meetings Not The Answer For Dealing With Debt, Sessions...