Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lebanon beefs up security in Tripoli

Horse Of Jordan's Own

A self published book about training horses but told as a story of a young girl, interesting way to learn horse training techniques.

Afghanistan attack: Live update from Kabul

USS Enterprise Retired From Active Service

Palestinians thank Iran for supporting resistance

Around the World: Rioters, police clash in Tunisia

Bret Baier Interview with Bono and Bush regarding AIDs Part One

Support for Greece's Golden Dawn [aka NAZIS] rises

Egyptians rally in support of Morsi

Morsi announces Egyptian vote on constitution

North Korea to test long-range rocket

Absolute, Indisputable Proof That Bigfoot Exists!

Judge Napolitano Applauds Passage of Email Privacy Bill 'Preserves Const...

Massive pro-Morsy rally in Egypt

Yaron Answers: Deposit Insurance

Yaron Answers: Inequality Under Capitalism

'Bahrain revolution gains recognition'

DR Congo rebels hand back control of Goma

Sen. Hatch: Obama's "fiscal cliff" plan a "bait and switch"

UKIP Nigel Farage

I am not an Alex Jones fan AT ALL!! I actually think he does great harm to the conservative movement...but I like Nigel Farage so I posted this.

Web extra: Thomas Jefferson and slavery

Obama Benghazi Investigation: Benghazi will be biggest Cover-up In History

BBC Newsnight - UKIP, A new political centre which represents the people...

BBC - Nigel Farage 'UKIP on the RIse' 2nd place in 2 byelections Nov 2012

Obama Demanded Boehner 'Turn Over His Sword, His Shirt And At The End, H...

Emir violently curbing revolution in Qatar: IGA Director

Pastor Rick Warren: What Washington needs to do

Hillary Accuses of Israel of Lacking Generosity and Empathy with Palesti...

War looms in DRC despite rebel withdrawal

Obama Benghazi Investigation: Benghazi threatened White House narrative.

Leveson Inquiry: Britain's long-standing free press traditions under thr...

Egyptians rally in support of Morsi

[DISAGREE] 'Israeli settlements roadblock to solid peace solution'

Ayn Rand Educates Phil Donahue on Free Market Economics

Friedrich Hayek: The Insanity Behind Government Imposed Equality

Milton Friedman: Adam Smith's Argument for Free Trade

Moscow heaviest November snowfall in 50 years

Muslims want to have more influence on British policy

Nothing Says Funny Like A Little Kid Dancing

Who Shot Santa? Republicans set to destroy Democrats' incentives

New discovery on Mars

Inside Story Americas - Mexico: Is this a real change of guard?

The Apocalypse Kit: The Gift to End All Gifts

Draft constitution worries many in Egypt

Clock ticking on "fiscal cliff" deal

Jobbik criticised for anti-Semitic comments

President Morsi's supporters rally in Egypt

Morsi supporters gather in Cairo

Obama Benghazi Investigation:Susan Rice's role in Benghazi

'Palestine can now sue Israel for illegal occupation'

Polio cases still rising in Pakistan

Obama Benghazi Investigation:Lingering doubts - and perhaps a pattern - ...

Tunisia's president calls for new cabinet

Syrian civil war: worries grow over extremists' infiltration into rebel ...

Coverage of Israeli military campaign in Gaza

What the heck is President Obama doing?

Federal Income Tax Data

So much for the top 1% not paying their fair share.

Read more at Red State

PA statehood bid: UN upgrade could hinder peace, situation on the ground...