Saturday, March 12, 2011


Battle: Los Angeles

I just saw Battle: LA and I was surprised how much I disagree with the critics. I read a bunch of reviews after seeing it and I can only conclude based on comments by reviewers such as “If you're the kind of person for whom "…they blowed it up real good" is a positive review, you'll love this film…” and “…Pretty much cardboard, down to the heroic patriotic speeches..” and “…the flat military characters with hackneyed dialogue and corny sentimentality…” Is that much of the criticism is based on the critics irritation at the pro-military, pro-USA, and Pro-Duty and courage the permeates this film.

Is it a great movie, probably not, but is it a good movie, YES. However, if you hate America, manliness, the military, heroes, etc. then you will hate this movie. And, if you are looking for wimpy military characters that crack at the first gun shot then you will hate this movie. If you hate honor, duty, and courage you will hate this movie.

If you like all those things you “might” like it. I also read a lot of criticism over special effects. I totally don’t get this criticism either. They are as good as they needed to be. If I had to give this movie a grade I would say B+.