Thursday, December 13, 2012

Florida Nears 1 Million Permits for Concealed Carry

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AFP Files Police Complaint Over Lansing Union Thug Tent Attack

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"Greece could be facing a violent revolution"

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Hank Johnson FAIL!! M-Word?!

2012 Elections: Claims of NRA's Demise Are Premature

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"Hell 101"

Obama's Pro-Union Board: The NLRB as Dysfunctional Union Advocate

BBC Newsnight - Britain outside the EU, Dec 2012

PJTV: DeMint Leaving Senate: A Boon or Bust for Conservatism?

Illinois: Federal Appeals Court Tosses State Ban on Carrying Concealed

ESPN Rob Parker Says RG3 is a "Cornball Brother"

HGH Testing and Football - Rep. Chaffetz Hearing Reaction

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Chris Matthews Is Not Dumb

[SPARE ME YOU ELITIST RACIALIST] Andrea Mitchell On Susan Rice: "Woman Of Color Has Been Forced Out"

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12-13-12 Tim Jones on The Dana Show

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Senator Kelly Ayotte: Susan Rice knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack

Senator Kelly Ayotte: US cannot afford to cash a peace dividend

Senator Kelly Ayotte: Tax and entitlement reform essential to fiscal cli...

Taught to Hate by Hamas: Gaza kids captured on video simulating rocket a...

Would a U.N. treaty supersede U.S. law?

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Brawl erupts in Ukrainian parliament, Klitschko watches from sidelines

Boehner: "Spending is the problem"

Syria chemical weapons threat: Israel and US prepare for Assad's potenti...

American Pride 2013

"Oath Keepers USA!"

Good Tidings of Great Joy: The Birth of Jesus Christ


Obama Won... THE COLD HARD TRUTH - (Bill Whittle - PJTV)

Agriculture technologies - Israeli expertise feeds the world

Girls basketball coach takes heat for 107-2 score

Entrepreneur's efforts sunk by regulations

Walter E Williams - Self-Interest & Future Generations

Walter E Williams - Self-Interest & Future Generations

Sen. DeMint: "This country needs less government"

Save Us Chuck - American Citizen Test

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US poverty rate near 20-year high

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Anti-Semitic attacks: Israeli ambassador to Denmark warns against speaking Hebrew Too Loudly...

Norquist reacts to being targeted by Sen. Reid

Terror Ties: US supports Syrian rebels despite 'blacklisted' group

Congress faces a bleak Christmas as 'fiscal cliff' talks drag on

17-year-old Syrian risks life to rescue

Sen. Graham: Benghazi consulate was a 'death trap'

Oregon Mall Shooter Identified, Ex-Girlfriend Speaks

China's True Unemployment Issue

Venezuela's Chavez in 'delicate condition'

Today in History for December 13th

Ben Bernanke throws the dollar over the Currency Cliff

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[REALLY?] Qatari Aid Moves Hamas Away From Iran into "Moderate" Camp

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Microscopic Santas on Tip of Pencil