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This is awesome.

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The GOP Needs To Stop Whigging Out

Political parties come and go. Why this rarely happened because of a simple event, policy, or election. History in reality is much sloppier than our high school courses let on.  It is difficult to get consensus on an event that has just occurred live on television much less events that occurred 150+ years ago. For this, we relay on the analysis and interpretation of historians. As imprecise as this method is, it is all we have. Please keep this in mind.

Most historians contend that the Whig Party’s demise was because of their support for the “Compromise of 1850.”

…The Compromise of 1850 was a package of five bills, passed in the United States in September 1850, which defused a four-year confrontation between the slave states of the South and the free states of the North regarding the status of territories acquired during the Mexican-American War(1846–1848). The compromise, drafted by Whig Senator Henry Clay of Kentucky and brokered by Clay and Democrat Stephen Douglas, avoided secession or civil war and reduced sectional conflict for four years.

The Compromise was greeted with relief, although each side disliked specific provisions.
·         Texas surrendered its claim to New Mexico, which it had threatened war over, as well as its claims north of the Missouri Compromise Line, transferred its crushing public debt to the federal government, and retained the control over El Paso that it had established earlier in 1850, with the Texas Panhandle (which earlier compromise proposals had detached from Texas) thrown in at the last moment.
·         California's application for admission as a free state with its current boundaries was approved and a Southern proposal to split California at parallel 35° north to provide a Southern territory was not approved.
·         The South avoided adoption of the symbolically significant Wilmot Proviso and the new New Mexico Territory and Utah Territory could in principle decide in the future to become slave states (popular sovereignty), even though Utah and a northern fringe of New Mexico were north of the Missouri Compromise Line where slavery had previously been banned in territories. In practice, these lands were generally unsuited to plantation agriculture and their existing settlers were non-Southerners uninterested in slavery. The unsettled southern parts of New Mexico Territory, where Southern hopes for expansion had been centered, remained a part of New Mexico instead of becoming a separate territory.
·         The most concrete Southern gains were a stronger Fugitive Slave Act, the enforcement of which outraged Northern public opinion, and preservation of slavery in the national capital.
·         The slave trade was banned in Washington D.C.
The Compromise became possible after the sudden death of President Zachary Taylor, who, although a slaveowner, had favored excluding slavery from the Southwest. Whig leader Henry Clay designed a compromise, which failed to pass in early 1850, due to the opposition of both pro-slavery southern Democrats, led by John C. Calhoun, and anti-slavery northern Whigs. Upon Clay's instruction, Democratic Senator Stephen Douglas (Illinois) then divided Clay's bill into several smaller pieces and narrowly won their passage over the opposition of those with stronger views on both sides…

How does this apply to today? Well the GOP establishment is acting exactly like the Whigs and they will end up destroying the party and possibly giving the Democrats a generational hold over this county. A hold that the USA cannot survive in any recognizable manner.

The GOP would be far better served to vote present on the fiscal cliff issue. The only possible outcomes at this point are that the country goes over the fiscal cliff and the GOP gets blamed, the GOP compromises and the country continues to head full speed into ruin or the GOP steps aside says they oppose what is happening but acknowledges they can not stop the Democrats and let them own the results.

This is clearly a bitter pill for the GOP swallow because they do not want to be responsible for the harm that will come because of their inaction. However, we are at a point when we must recognize that society needs to reap what they have sown and that the harm can no longer be prevented.

Recent punishment of four house members by John Boehner is not a good sign that the establishment understands this:

h/t Wall Street Journal
GOP Deficit Plan Irks Conservatives: Discord Complicates Negotiating Position of Boehner, Who Punished Four House Members; Obama Calls for Higher Taxes

There are a few signs that they still might do the right thing:

h/t Daily Caller
Republican Doomsday plan: Cave on taxes, vote ‘present’

So it is time for the GOP to step up by sitting down or face the inevitable fate that be felled the Whigs. 

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Lone Survivor Foundation

With recent issues concerning the Wounded Warrior Project coming to light, might I suggest we switch our support to Marcus Luttrell's Lone Survivor Foundation.

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Plot To Kill Gov. Nikki Haley Foiled

 From the Blaze:
(TheBlaze/AP) – A 46-year-old woman has been arrested and charged with threatening a public official after threatening to “smuggle in a gun and kill” South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, according to WYFF4.

Liberty police arrested Jennifer Phillips Tuesday after she told her potential plan to a school official with the Santa’s Workshop program where she was a parent volunteer.
From the NY York Daily News:
...A woman has been arrested and charged with making a threat against South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

Liberty police say 46-year-old Jennifer Phillips was arrested Tuesday and charged with threatening a public official.

Pickens County School District spokesman John Eby says Phillips is a parent volunteer at Liberty Elementary, where Haley was scheduled to speak Tuesday morning. Eby says Phillips made a remark to a staff member about harming the governor, and school officials called police.

Phillips was arrested before Haley arrived. Phillips was scheduled to appear before a judge later Tuesday, and it wasn't known if she had an attorney.

Haley's stop at the school was to talk with third through fifth graders about leadership and bullying prevention. 
Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/parent-arrested-elementary-school-threatening-s-governor-article-1.1213128#ixzz2E7i4KnR8

Mali civilians vow to take up arms against Islamist extremists

From the UK Guardian:
People displaced by the conflict in northern Mali say they cannot wait for international help to reclaim the region from Islamist extremists. The UN security council is due to meet on Wednesday to discuss plans for a 3,300-strong regional Ecowas force to enter Mali. But militias in the country say they are preparing to take matters into their own hands...

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Egypt: Political crisis grows as anti-Morsi strike is planned

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