Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Culture of Corruption (Keynesian Kings & Socialist Queens)


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Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV): "No Excuse" For Democrat Senate Not Producing A...

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PRK Arms on CBS 47 news, Fresno

I love how serious the reporter seems. She looks concerned. lol

Weasel Zippers

Andrew Breitbart | Commenting on Judge Napolitano's Interview wit...

Andrew Napolitano - What They Can't Control

Nick Gillespie Discusses the Solyndra Scandal on Fox's Cavuto

Roger L. Simon - Explaining Newt

Roger Simon's take on Newt via PJMedia
A good portion of the right-wing punditocracy, Beltway sorts especially, appears to harbor a deep dislike of Newt Gingrich. They can’t believe he is currently the frontrunner for the Republican nomination and are doing everything in their power to enlighten the great unwashed about the multiple inadequacies of this man and knock some sense into them (us) before it is too late.

Now I am not a Beltway person. I am something even worse — a Hollywood & Vine person — so everything I say is suspect and should be. But allow me to chime in on why Newt is attractive to some of us at this juncture.

Let’s begin here: America is in a slough of despond. In fact, it’s in close to the worst shape it’s been since the Great Depression. Negativity rules the land. Few people are happy or optimistic. Basically, this once great nation is asleep.

And we have a president who wants us to stay there, who is banal, irritating, humorless, reactionary, self-righteous, and narcissistic all at once. He hasn’t said one interesting thing or proposed one creative idea since being in office.

Unfortunately, the Republican candidates aren’t much better. Romney, Perry, Santorum, Bachmann, Huntsman, even Paul, are no more than critics of a system gone moribund. They do not inspire us. Their ideas, even when worth investigating (flat tax, etc.), are no more than rehashes of proposals we have heard for decades... Read More

Epic Fox segment: host kicks atheist off show for calling Jesus & the Nativity ‘an insult’

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