Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama's Birth Certifcate It is NOT FAKE people get over it!

I hate to rain on the birther parade but the “know” authentic version (Susan Nordyke birth certificate) was made/copies/reproduced in 1966. Obama’s copy was from two weeks ago. The differences are wholly in different copy technology. Address this and then we can talk.

The different layers are because you have a (likely) microfiche document printed on “official” paper (anyone who has ever gotten “official” college transcripts has seen something like this). Then it was scanned and made into a pdf. Illustrator tried to be smart and identified part of a scanned document that it thinks are separate and assigns them layer. That is what is seen on this document and even if there were un-closed layers in the original doc. The act of making the pdf would negate them. Get over it people and let’s get on with defeating him in 2012 by kicking his butt on the issues!”

Obama's Birth Certificate

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