Monday, December 3, 2012

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Curiosity discovers trace of carbon on Mars

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Syria showing signs of chemical weapon preparation

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Pakistan & US step toward mending ties

Palestinian man attacks 2 Israelis with axe

Petition Urges Obama to Condemn Organ Harvesting in China

Debt Ceiling & the Fiscal Cliff

US moves closer to total trade embargo against Iran

Israel responds to UN vote by building more homes

Report tracks increase in anti-Israel sentiment in PA

New image of Zimmerman shows broken nose

Wow, this picture sure does put the Zimmerman's claims in a fresh light.
h/t CFNews13 and The Schnitt Show

(PHOTO/Mark O'Mara) George Zimmerman's attorneys released this new photo of Zimmerman the night of the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Susan Rice: Keystone pipeline Secretary of State?

US military planning Syrian Invasion?

Fiscal Cliff Ripple-Down Effect: Norfolk, Virginia

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Fiscal cliff worries defense contractors

Kehler: U.S. Must Guard Against WMD Use

TV Networks Could Get Axed, Auto Sales Surge

Fifty Car Pileup in Western China

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Analysis: War on Syria Worsening

Chairman Issa Managing STEM Visa Bill Floor Part 2

Chairman Issa Managing STEM Visa Bill Floor Part 1

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Debunking food myths

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"One Nation Under Obama"

Coast Guard Member Killed in Enforcement Operation

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Al Jazeera discusses North Korea missiles with John Delury

Al Jazeera discusses North Korea missiles with John Delury

Taliban Attack Air Base

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Why are Atheists meddling with Christmas?

Egypt judges to boycott Mursi's constitution referendum

Egypt Prepares for Controversial Referendum

Talk to Al Jazeera - Bill and Melinda Gates: Changing the world

Talk to Al Jazeera - Bill and Melinda Gates: Changing the world

Talk to Al Jazeera - Ahmadinejad: 'You can't rule with war'

Hungarians unite against antisemitism: huge anti-Nazi, anti-Jobbik rally...

Migrants in Greece 'terrorised' by crackdown

Egypt verdict on legitimacy of constituent assembly postponed

Murray Rothbard - The Government Is Not Us

Christmas lights Gangnam Style

Today in History for December 3, 2012

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Social media analyst: Internet censorship is a grave concern

ITU Dubai: Internet regulation in focus