Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Krauthammer on Foxnews over Hugo Chavez Death: 'He Was a Thug'

Death of Hugo Chávez: How the US can lead in Latin America

Death of Hugo Chávez: Could Venezuela become a US ally?

Death of Hugo Chávez: High stakes for Venezuelan elections

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Rand Paul: Economic Recovery Is Illusory, Stock Market Rally Solely Due ...

Hundreds of Petitioners Assemble in Tiananmen Square, Call to End Commun...

TSA: Will Allow Knives on Planes...

Hugo Chavez is Dead!!

Bill O’Reilly calls ‘bull-blank’ on Alan Colmes’ claim of Obama spending cuts

Greg Gutfeld on Campus Energy Crusade - The Five - 3-5-13

Rick Santelli & Charles Biderman: Stock Market's Nominal High Drugged By...

Retired Widow Holds Burglary Suspect at Gun Point Until Sheriff Arrives

Allen West Talks Immigration Reform with Neil Cavuto - 3-5-13

Dunkin' Donuts robber gets coffee in face

Katie Pavlich Reports: Business As Usual Despite Sequester with Neil Cav...

NRANews Cam and Company on Sportsman Channel Clip of the Day 3/5/13

Disgusting Praise For Murderous Dictator Chavez

This makes me sick

Opinion: Obama: I'm Not a Dictator. Believe Him?

RURdy4It's INCH Backpack - Gunslinger II (I'm Never Coming Home)

AR-15 is a dangerous Killing Machine ...Or Is It?

Hugo Chevez Dead

Pray that this means that his country's nightmare will end with his passing.

Hero Dogs Save Lives!

Paul Krugman » 'Quoting What I Said in the Past Is an Ad Hominem Attack'

Amanda Collins at HB 1226 Hearing

Palestinian students mob British diplomat

Anti-Semitism watchdog created in Hungary

Yaron Answers: How Bad Could Things Get If The Economy Collapses?

Witnesses Admit Sequester Scare Tactics Not Based on Studies

Bieber's 'disgusting behavior' angers fans

Israel warns UN over Syria spillover: Jerusalem complains to United Nati...

Ghosts haunt Japan's tsunami ravaged coast

Talking Tough: US Vice President Joseph Biden says Obama is not bluffing...

Magic Spheres - Sick Science! #133

Hollande's Mali War: French uncover lethal weapons caches left behind by...

To All of My Subscribers

Biden Control

Papal Conclave: Cardinals Begin Process to Elect New Pope at First Big M...

Fears grow over the health of Hugo Chavez

Hard cash: China boosts military spending

Australia Offering 'Best Jobs In World' Contest

"The Constitution For Dummies" by Judge Andrew Napolitano

setting the pace for woman in NASCAR

Imprisoned Hacker Hacks Prison

The Emergence of a New Jewish Identity

Activists make 'Super Morsi' protest video

Save Us Chuck - Health Vs. Auto Insurance

Dutch TV Shows Muslim Kids Praising Hitler, Hoping For New Holocaust

Armed Civilian Thwarts Bank Robbery

Farage: Leaders utterly unplugged from thoughts & hopes of ordinary people

Audio » Mark Levin - CPAC 2013 & William F. Buckley Jr. 1955 Conservatism