Wednesday, December 26, 2012

[RACIALIST NONSENSE] NRA purposely targeted black people: Randy Short

He manages to call the NRA and Israel racist and infer the NRA is associated with the KKK. What utter rubbish. Although it should be noted that PressTVGlobal news is the Iranian version of Al Jazeera.

The man in the video is W Randy Short, PhD who is a well know professional "racialist" and racist.

NRA History:

Alfonzo Rachel Put It Straight:

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Did NBC's David Gregory Break The Law? | NewsBreaker | Ora TV

“Here is a magazine for ammunition that carries 30 bullets,” Gregory said, holding up the long, black casing. “Now isn’t it possible that if we got rid of these — if we replaced them and said, ‘Well you can only have a magazine that carries five bullets or 10 bullets’ — isn’t it just possible that we could reduce the carnage in a situation like Newtown?”

From the HuffPo: David Gregory Under Police Investigation Over Gun Magazine On 'Meet The Press'

New York Daily News: David Gregory’s ‘Meet the Press’ display of a high-capacity magazine may have violated D.C. gun law

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A lot people are unaware that Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar et al are not fans or allies of Iran. Neither like each other very much at all. As a matter of fact to call an Iranian an Arab is considered an insult.

Iranian nuclear bomb would trigger arms race: Iran ex-official

via CNN: Iran and Saudi Arabia's 'hate-hate' relationship
Perhaps the only thing longer than Iran's animosity toward the United States is its hatred of Saudi Arabia. The two are divided not only by the Persian Gulf, but also by a Shiite-Sunni sectarian split and a Persian-Arab divide that goes back centuries.

Before Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution, Iran and Saudi Arabia had a love-hate relationship. On one hand, religious and ethnic differences plagued the two regional powers. On the other hand, both were traditional monarchies who found themselves on the same side of the Cold War, opposing communism and the radicals who threatened the status quo.

The fall of Iran's shah and his replacement by a radical Shiite regime, however, transformed the love-hate relationship into a hate-hate relationship.

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