Thursday, July 31, 2014

EconPop - The Economics of The LEGO Movie

EconPop - The Economics of WALL-E

EconPop - The Economics of Ghostbusters

EconPop - The Economics of House of Cards

EconPop - The Economics of Dallas Buyers Club

Activist Mom Thinks Teens Need State Issued License To Date

PJTV - How 'Social Proof' Kills Scientific Skepticism and Conquers Morality

PJTV - This Psycho-Flaw Makes Conservatives Cower, Learn How to Overpowe...

PJTV - United We Stand Immigration Rally - July 28, 2014

Zo on PJ --NAACP: It's not Discrimination When They Do It

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Krauthammer's Take: Amnesty via Executive Order 'Impeachable Offense,' B...

MSNBC Guest Says Jews Control the Media on Gaza War @soopermexican

Ed Schultz ADMITS Amnesty Will Hurt American Worker And Will Hurt Democr...

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Marc Lamont Hill Starts Crying on Air After Alan Dershowitz Spanks Him @soopermexican

Obama Isn't a "Racial Crybaby" Like I AM! - Michael Eric Dyson h/t @soopermexican

PATHETIC: State Dept Jen Psaki Says Israel is Running a Misinformation Campaign

Women on Train Tracks Narrowly Escape Getting Hit

Last Enola Gay crewman dead at 93

OkCupid Experiments on Humans! #SorryNotSorry


IDF Detonates Large Tunnel in Gaza

Paratroopers Uncover Tunnel & Concealed Rocket Launcher

NRA News Commentators | Ep. 82: Dom Raso “Daily Beast”

Aetna CEO: ObamaCare Numbers “Worse” Than Expected, Back End Still Not U...

MSNBC: Clinton Still “Taken Aback” By Wealth Questions, “Didn’t Want To ...

Clinton Ducks Questions On Releasing Donation Records For Speaking Fees

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gohmert Discusses Perry's Call for National Guards on Border

Gohmert Discusses Perry's Call for National Guards on Border

Coming Collapse Becoming More Evident to Investors

NRA News Commentators | Ep. 78: Billy Johnson "Everyone Gets a Gun"

PJTV - Conservative Insurgency: A Field Manual for Conservative Victories

Chikungunya Virus Hits America! Plus, Warren for President?

PJTV: 'In God We Trust' -- Should our Motto Make a Comeback?

MSNBC: Clinton Has "Lost Control" Of Public Image, Worse Off After Book ...

Monday, July 21, 2014

MSNBC guest: Hamas has already won conflict, will get a "glow" among Pal...

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Dianne Feinstein uses a SEXIST phrase against Vladimir Putin!

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Only support we gave Ukrainians was MREs - Meals Ready to Eat! says form...

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John Kerry says world is falling apart but it's not obama's fault and ev...

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Two Losers Try to Rob a Store; One Accidentally Shoots and Kills the Other

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John Kerry tells Candy Crowley shes aiding Terrorists' Publicity Effort!!!

Zo on PJ: The Wild Goose Festival -- Can Democrat Christians Control the...

Ron Fournier: Obama Perpetuating An "Aloof Foreign Policy"

Thursday, July 17, 2014

V.A. Officials Asking For $18B More in Funding to Hire Staff, Lease Space

PJTV - Poll: Millennials Want Hillary & Big Government, Someone Else to ...

PJTV - The Last American Generation: How Did Millennials Get So Mixed Up?

War On Women? The Left Speaks from Experience. Katie Pavlich Proves It.

PJTV -- Apogee: America Needs Another Great Challenge

Inside Look: How the IDF Fights Terror in Gaza

Man Burns House Down Trying To Kill Spider

Do We Need Another Reagan?