Friday, November 16, 2012

Raw: Airstrikes Hit Gaza Overnight

Senate Puts Off Sportsmen's Act Vote Until Monday After Thanksgiving

Joe Mantegna: Actor and National Spokesperson of The Army Historical Fou...

A Reagan Forum with Scott Walker - 11/16/12

Gohmert Talks to Hannity on Fiscal Cliff

Andrew Wilkow: Ed Klein: Petraeus and Libya

Heartless People Cheering The Demise of Hostess

Heartless people (liberals/progressive) cheering the demise of Hostess

Not everyone on Twitter refuses to see the forest (of unemployed people) through the trees.

Andrew Wilkow: Another Layoff Bomb Explodes

Sweet, LOL


Gohmert Talks to Dobbs About Benghazi and Fiscal Cliff


The Butterfly Circus [Short Film HD]

GBTV: Nick Vujicic PART 2

GBTV: Nick Vujicic PART 1

The 4th Hr: Obama Disappoints


GBR: General Petraeus testimony

GBR: Fire tornado

PJTV: Breitbart Fans Will Love "Hating Breitbart"

No More Twinkies!?

Tea Party Patriots Support Papa John's Pizza

Pure Awesome

Media Malpractice

Bill Clinton vs David Petraeus

US Bishops Vow to Not Obey Obama's HHS Mandate

Petraeus: CIA Blamed Terrorists for Libya Attack

Twinkie Maker Hostess Reaches End of the Line

PJTV: Conservatives, Win the Culture and You Win the Country

Pillar Of Defense: Third Day Recap

CNN's Ashleigh Banfield: Jerusalem 'Is Not The Capital' of Israel

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S.E. Cupp Vs. Liberal Nun: A Clip You’ll Probably Want To See

Raw: Explosion, Fire Damage Gulf Oil Platform

McCain: Susan Rice 'not very bright' in Benghazi response

States Still Mulling Health Care Decision

Texas: Aggie Student Reps Back Handguns on Campus

Dana and Jay Barnes Discuss Obamacare

Reihan Salam: Lower-middle class reformism is the way to go

Artur Davis: GOP immigration position is not conservative

Guns Blazing Since Election: Obama's Second Term Driving Firearms Sales ...

Republican governors decide against setting up ObamaCare insurance markets

Fajr 5 - The Hamas Rocket That Threatens Millions of Israelis

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GBTV: What happened in Benghazi - PART 2

GBR: WAR: Israel and Hamas

Marco's Constituent Mailbox: Benghazi and the Fiscal Cliff

Thomas Sowell vs Statist: Interpreting the Wage Statistics

Sperm Whales, Seamen, and Moby Dick: Next Week in History - Episode 8

Lunch with Heritage: Fiscal Cliff

Anti-Israel Protest at Obama HQ in Chicago

As White House Talks Begin, Sessions Warns Against Another Secret Deal P...

WARNING LAUNGUAGE: Zombieland twinkie truck scene

Whats in a Twinkie?

Hostess Ceases Operations, 18,500 Out of Work

Midland Mayor: Crash Emotions Like '9/11'

RIP Twinkie: Die Hard Movie Clip

What would you do if rockets were striking your country?

Petraeus Tells Congressional Committee He Always Believed Benghazi Was T...


Israel Under Fire: Life in the South

How Does the IDF Minimize Harm to Palestinian Civilians in Gaza?

For more information about how the IDF minimizes harm to Palestinian civilians:

IAF Targeting Underground Rocket Launchers

NLRB To Force Companies To Turn Over Employee Telephone Numbers & E-Mails To Unions? | RedState

This is a taste of the future people. With a second Obama term this will be the order of the day!

NLRB To Force Companies To Turn Over Employee Telephone Numbers & E-Mails To Unions? | RedState

President Barack Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is considering a rule that would force private businesses to turn over their workers’ personal information — such as phone numbers, email addresses, and work schedules — to union organizers.

While this rule would be intended to make it easier for union bosses to organize workers at businesses that do not have a union presence, it would also have the unintended effect of making workers vulnerable to harassment... Read More at Red State

6th Grade Class Given Assignment To Write Stories Against Conservative Organization

This has to be a form of defamation. If I were ALEC I would file a law suit.

h/t Breitbart
...Frankly, I have a hard time getting my mind around this story. A teacher in a 6th Grade "journalism" class at a public school in Southern California distributed the materials below to students. The materials are highly critical of ALEC, The American Legislative Exchange Council, a membership organization of conservative state legislators. The students were assigned to use the materials to write news articles critical of the organization. Did I mention this was for 6th graders?

I have always been more politically aware than most of my peers. I'm pretty certain, though, that in 6th grade I was only vaguely aware of the difference between the federal and state governments. I'm also pretty confident that the material passed out in the class, written by a clearly left-wing partisan, would have seemed like gibberish to me. It would have taken several days of private-school instruction to even begin to make myself familiar with the concepts touched on in the document...

Global Journalist: Conflict erupts in northern Mali

AU approves Mali's intervention plan

Inside Story - Unrest in Jordan

'Next phase of Arab Spring: Jordan'

Thousands chant ’revolution’ in rare protest against Jordan’s king

Jordan is facing a perilous time where another "Arab-spring" style event could easily occur. This can not be a comforting turn of events for the Jordanian citizens or their neighbors the Israelis who are facing their own challenges.  

Thousands chant ’revolution’ in rare protest against Jordan’s king