Sunday, November 4, 2012

Obama Relies With Bill Clinton - Even Steals Bill Clinton's Theme Song

Mayor Rudy Giuliani Criticizes President Obama's "Revenge" Comment - "A ...

Deneen Borelli vs. Juan Williams - The Left Threatens Riots if Romney Wi...

Dick Morris: Mitt Will Win in a Landslide with 325 Electoral Votes!


Muslim Cleric Claims Hurricane Sandy is 'Revenge From God - Greg Gutfeld...

30,000+ Attend Gov Mitt Romney Pennsylvania Rally Two Days Before 2012 U...


Nobody Died in Watergate, but Four Dead in Benghazi (Inspired by CSN&Y)

In America: Anything Is Possible

We Need Mitt Romney

Watch LIVE Mitt Romney rally in Morrisville, PA

Wisconsin Endorsement

Powerlust | Reason 28 I'm Not Voting For Barack Obama

This aligns nicely with "Voting for Revenge"

How could this not scare everyone.



Jobs & Paychecks

False Hope: Was Hillary Right About Obama?

Wallace Presses Axelrod Hard Over Benghazi Debacle (Full Interview) Fox ...

Senator Rubio on CBS' "Face the Nation" with Bob Schieffer

What Is The HHS Mandate?

5 Reasons To Vote For Mitt Romney

Threats from the far-left over the presidential election

Judge Jeanine asks White House 'How do you sleep at night'

Limbaugh Responds To Brian Williams: Have You Watched Your Network Lately?

Vote for Revenge?! And Michael Bloomberg


Romney Camp Political Director Predicts 300 Electoral Win for Mitt Romney

U Didn't Build That by MC 'Bama

Ike to Obama - 60 Years of Campaign Ads

Iran's centrifuge work at Fordo now complete

First-Ever Video Of Rev. Wright’s ‘Audacity To Hope’ Sermon

From the Blaze:

  • This is first video to be released, to TheBlaze’s knowledge, of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s “Audacity to Hope” sermon
  • Delivered numerous times with varying degrees of political imagery, this is the homily (at least a version of it) that President Barack Obama claims brought him to Christianity 
  • In the sermon, Wright accuses Chicago of being a city that “hates blacks,” while seemingly praising Malcolm X in front of a mostly-white audience 
  • Other versions of the speech range from apolitical to overtly controversial in their inclusion of racial and political themes

CONFIRMED: US Benghazi SEALs Had Laser Capability and Waited Five Hours For Air Support… But It Never Came

Jim Hoft over at The Gateway Pundit  has a good summary of the latest on Benghazi, go over and take a look.

CONFIRMED: US Benghazi SEALs Had Laser Capability and Waited Five Hours For Air Support… But It Never Came

Question To DNC Chair: Has The DNC Let Obama Down?

On FNS, David Axelrod Has No Response To OH Early Vote Numbers

Axelrod: Obama Supports Military Because He Met the Coffins

November 6, 2012 Vote Like Your Chick-Fil-A Depended On It!

On November 6, 2012 Vote Like Your Chick-Fil-A Depended On It!

 Support Chick-Fil-A

Change Your Clocks and Your President

TV AD--The War on Coal: Sherrod Brown vs. Ohio Coal Miners

Miners Fight Back Against Obama TV Ad: "Absolute Lies"

War on Coal Country!

I'm old but I'm not stupid!

This Is So Wrong Yet So Right

And thats a BINGO!! -- American Crossroads: Operation Hot Mic

Hurricane Sandy = Economic Stimulus?

If This Doesn't Scare I Do Not Know What Will

I want Romnesia!!!

A Tale of Two Crises

Four Dead in Benghazi

h/t Victoria Jackson

Top 10 reasons to vote for Romney - Conservative News

Top 10 reasons to vote for Romney - Conservative News

With Election Day finally arriving, we offer this list of reasons to vote for Mitt Romney.

1. Job creation
With 23 million Americans looking for work, job creation is the key to get the economy moving again. Romney will ease regulatory and tax burdens that inhibit businesses from hiring new workers. His experience in the business world where budgets are met—as opposed to Obama’s community organizing background—makes him the kind of chief executive that can get the job done.

2. Lower taxes
A second Obama term will bring higher taxes rates for all Americans, increases in capital gains rates, tax deduction limitations, and scores of taxes associated with Obamacare—precisely the prescription for a double-digit recession. In contrast, Romney’s plan to reduce rates, while closing loopholes, will help boost economic growth.

3. Economic growth
A Romney win will go a long way to reassure businesses, which are sitting on a trillion dollars in cash reserves, that it is safe to make investments and expand their operations without Big Government stepping in. His policies on energy and trade will help boost economic growth. By contrast, just the enactment of Obama’s crushing tax increases will snuff out any hope that the United States sees a robust recovery...

Read the rest at Human Events

Awesome and Unbelievable

Ronald Reagan: Giving Inspiration

Benghazi Attack: US Diplomats Warned White House, Asked for Help in Liby...


AP Video: Romney Sprinting to Finish in Key States

h/t Washington Times

Obama State Dinners: Spend Like He Says, Not Like He Does

MSNBC's Chuck Todd: Obama has big problems and is running out of time

Steven Chu - lower gas prices not goal

Two Awesome Pics In Just One Post

Too Awesome