Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Golden" (TV Ad)

Newt Gingrich on Upcoming Debate & Libyan Security Debacle - CBS Face Th...

Gov. Chris Christie Previews Upcoming Debate - CBS Face The Nation - 9-3...

NBC: Was It Inappropriate For Obama To Immediately Fundraise Knowing It ...

Chris Wallace: It's Been More Than 1,600 Days Since Obama Has Been On FNS

Monday, September 24, 2012

Country Star Toby Keith Surprises Woman with Her Military Husband Home f...

Students Planned To Bully Mentally Challenged Girl During Homecoming Parade

I say cancel the dance and expel them all.
PACIFIC, MO (KTVI)– Country music singer Rickie Lee Tanner is outraged after learning students at Pacific High School allegedly planned to humiliate his mentally challenged daughter during this Saturday’s homecoming parade. Tanner and his wife say the daughter came home from school excited, telling them she had been elected to the homecoming court. They say they became suspicious because the teen doesn’t have friends. While 15 years old, they say she has the mentality of a 10 year old....

Entitlement Nation: America's Looming 47 Percent Nightmare

Appeasement in the Middle East: Is Obama's Policy of Weakness to Blame f...

Hair of the Dog - MSM Porn: CBS Interviews Bill Clinton

Obama Administration & Iranian Regime Deliver Same Message on Muslim Rage

We Are Hungry

New Website Unskews Polls

New website unskews polls In attempt to provide more accurate picture of presidential race.

Here is a sample chart from their website. It is hard to say that they are being more accurate or pushing the pendulum the other direction too much. They claim to use Rassumssen's Partisan Trends to balance the polls

Learn more at

Mia Love on Mike Huckabee Show - Are Entitlements Killing The American D...

NRA-PVF: Stand Against Kaine

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood

Redistribution II

US Students Still Not Learning: Does School Really Make a Difference?

MSNBC and Liberal Media Hit the Drama Queen Sauce

Obamerica, Obamerica: New OSA (former USA) Flag and Anthem

O beautiful Obama’s wise
For all Bush is to blame 
For people bow to his majesty 
From Hawaii whence he came 

Obamerica, Obamerica 
Barack shed his grace on thee 
And crown thy muslim brotherhood 
From B to shining B!

Be afraid be very afraid

Col. Allen West: Al Qaeda Connection Confirmed on Libyan Embassy Attack ...

Mark Levin: Obama wins this election, it’s ‘probably’ the point of no return

Read more: On Daily Caller

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What the Eff? This is Scary and Offensive

If you do not find this scary and offensive then you need to reevaluate what you think being an American means.

In case you think this is fake, check out the source Obama's own website

Oops, 'Newsweek' Did It Again: Muslim Rage and the Last Gasp of Liberal ...

Obama Defends the 47 Percent. Plus, France Prepares for Muslim Outrage

Free Speech Wednesday: Paintings of Muhammad

The End of America As We Know It: Why Barack Obama Should Resign Immedia...

Marco Rubio-Fueling gro#A79-YouTube sharing copy

Some of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo's Muhammad Pics

I am trying to find more and better quality, please send me any you can find.

This is an important free speech issue and these photographs need to be seem even if they offend you or me or everyone.

Read about this issue on the Blaze and Creeping Sharia and Yahoo News

Friday, September 14, 2012

Epic Barack Obama Fail!!!!

Steyn on Obama’s Las Vegas ‘performance’: ‘Every American should be ashamed of their president’

I have never heard Mar Steyn this angry before.
h/t The Daily Caller

Islamists Killed Americas in Libya, but Right-Wing Christians Are to Blame?

Gohmert Reacts to the Death of Libyan US Amabassador

Michelle Malkin to White House: "These Optics Suck!!!" - Sean Hannity - ...

NRA-ILA Grassroots News Minute 09-14-2012

Do Anti-American Protests in the Mid East Mark the End of the Obama Doct...

Week in Blogs: Radical Islamists Reportedly Raped Ambassador, but MSM Sc...

Arab World Descends into Further Chaos, as Obama Administration Apologiz...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's Our Time

Chicago Teachers On Strike: Are Public Service Unions in Retreat?

Electric Shock: Is GM Really Losing $49,000 on Every Chevy Volt?

Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Seeing Double

Punch Drunk Love: Post-DNC High Makes MSM Lap Dogs Delusional

Crisis of the Left: California Democrats Expunge Any Mention of Israel f...

America Lite: How Academic Airheads Ushered in the Obamacrats

Marco's Constituent Mailbox: The Attacks on the U.S. Embassies in Egypt ...

Sen Rubio is so effin' awesome

The Obama-Carter 'Malaise' Remix (remix)

The Cracker Code


Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

President Bush's Opening Pitch at Yankee Stadium After 9-11 [High Quality]

The most important first pitch in history and the only one that actually mattered. It does not matter what your politics are or were, this was an important moment.

When I see this I think of this quote from Field of Dreams:

Terence Mann: The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it's a part of our past, Ray. It reminds us of all that once was good and that could be again. Oh... people will come Ray. People will most definitely come....

Grief Endures: Reading of 9/11 Victims Names

Heart Breaking.

PJTV Remembers 9/11 (playlist)

The Changing Face of Foreign Policy: Eleven Years After 9/11 Are We Any ...

Obama and Democrats Love Blaming Others for Their Failures

Democrat withdraws from 1st District congressional race after allegations she voted in two states

I was shocked when I read she was a Democrat who committed voter fraud!
<sarcasm />
Wendy Rosen, the Democratic challenger to Republican Rep. Andy Harris in the 1st Congressional District, withdrew from the race Monday amid allegations that she voted in elections in both Maryland and Florida in 2006 and 2008. It was unclear, however, whether she could remove her name from the ballot with the election less than two months away. Under state law, a candidate has until 70 days before an election to remove his or her name from the ballot. The deadline for the Nov. 6 election passed on Aug. 28....
Read more at the Baltimore Sun Democrat withdraws from 1st District congressional race after allegations she voted in two states


I post this horrible video, only because people need to remember. It is hard but important.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Trenton, New Jersey Mayor Tony Mack, Member of Mayors Against Illegal Gu...

Woodward On ABC: Obama Did Not Lead

Teachers on Strike: Just Another Day Without Kids Learning in Chicago

Economy in Decline? Competitiveness of US Economy Drops for Fourth Year

Closing the Deficit: Will Obama Sell the Washington Monument to China?

Intolerant Democrats Deny God Three Times at DNC

Atheism + Marxism = Death TOLL

The truth about Atheism

"We've Heard It All Before" (2012 DNC Edition)

Economy in Decline? Competitiveness of US Economy Drops for Fourth Year

Thursday, September 6, 2012

How Reagan Presidency Contrast With Clinton's Claim That Obama Needs 4 M...

This is all the justification to vote against Obama any honest person needs!

New Fallout From DNC Floor Fight To Include God And Jerusalem in Party P...

Obama Un-narrated Documentary/Review (in his own words)

No, Bill Clinton Didn't Balance the Budget

From the Cato Institute
  No, Bill Clinton Didn't Balance the Budget

...Let us establish one point definitively: Bill Clinton didn't balance the budget. Yes, he was there when it happened. But the record shows that was about the extent of his contribution. 
Many in the media have flubbed this story. The New York Times on October 1st said, "Clinton balances the budget." Others have praised George Bush. Political analyst Bill Schneider declared on CNN that Bush is one of "the real heroes" for his willingness to raise taxes -- and never mind read my lips. (Once upon a time, lying was something that was considered wrong in Washington, but under the last two presidents our standards have dropped.) In any case, crediting George Bush for the end of the deficit requires some nifty logical somersaults, since the deficit hit its Mount Everest peak of $290 billion in St. George's last year in office...
Read More

Three Times

"'Before the rooster crows twice, you will deny me three times.' And he broke down and wept."

Pain Collars, Hippie Punching and More: How to Fix Everything in America...

Competitor in Chief: He Knows Better, He Plays Better, He Is Better?!?

Obama's War on the Constitution: Are Liberals Like John Cusack Abandonin...

DNC 2012: First Lady Ridicules Success. Plus, Dems Hastily Change Conven...

RNC Wrap Up: Meet the Candidates the MSM Doesn't Want You To See

DNC 2012: First Lady Ridicules Success. Plus, Dems Hastily Change Conven...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Partisan Trends - Rasmussen Reports™

Partisan Trends - Rasmussen Reports™

Very interesting report from Scott Rasmussen
...During August, 37.6% of Americans considered themselves Republicans. That’s up from 34.9% in July and 35.4% in June. It’s also the largest number of Republicans ever recorded by Rasmussen Report since monthly tracking began in November 2002...

What's even more interesting is how this has been reflected in elections over the last 8 years.

For example in 2008 President Obama was elected 52.9% to 45.7% a 7.2% spread and the partisan divide in November 2008? 7.6%

In 2004 Bush won by 2.4% but the Dems had a 1.6% Partisan advantage (likely do the the war and the independents breaking for Bush because of a decent economy)

in 2006 and 2010 congressional election the partisan divide did hold true in the elections. In 2006 the Democrats gained control of congress and had a 6.1% partisan advantage. In 2010 the GOP gained the house and made major gains in the Senate and they had a 1.6% partisan advantage.

Right now the GOP have a 4.3% advantage and that comes at the expense of not just Dems but also a reduction in independents.

This tells me that the independents are likely to break for the GOP in November.

NOTE: A lot of polls are sampling Democrats at a level even HIGHER than the 7.6% advantage from 2008, if voters vote along partisan trend rates then that is a swing of as much as 12% that is being ignored. This is one of the reason I trust Rasmussen more than others, he seems to be much more vigilant with his methodology. Also, I would discount ANY poll that uses "Adults" or "Registered Voters" at this point those are useless. Only "Likely Voters" matter now.

Ream more about Partisan Divide and Historic Trends

Sandra Fluke to Speak at the Democratic National Convention