Tuesday, January 29, 2013

NO, The Father of Sandy Hook Victim Was Not Heckled!

Colin Powell Enters The No Spin Zone with Bill O'Reilly - 1-29-13

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Dana On The Media

MrColionNoir: Should We be Allowed to Carry a Nuclear Suitcase?

Veteran describes double arm transplant

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Morning Update » Fishy

Rubio to Rush Limbaugh: I can convince Hispanics that conservative ideas...

Rubio to Rush Limbaugh: Obama won't be president forever

Love Your Wife Day: Husbands publicly declare love in Japan

I feel sorry for the poor guys who didn't do this... Imagine explaining that to your wife.

PANICKING: Heavily Armed Police Called, School Locked down Over Kids's D...

World record surf?

Mali ethnic violence and retribution fears: self-styled militia in Gao h...

Iranian Space Monkey Returns From Orbit

Rubio Discusses High-Skilled Immigration Bill on the Senate Floor

Rush interviews Marco Rubio on bipartisan immigration reform

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In Anti-Gun DC, Media Matters for America Gave Bodyguard Illegal Weapons...

Mali War ethnic violence fears: self-styled militia in Gao rounds up Isl...

War in Mali: Japan to give $120 million to stabilise Sahel region

Yaron Answers: Aren't Entitlements Part Of The Social Contract?

Yaron Answers: What Would Happen If We Abolished Social Security?

Why Are Voters So Uninformed?

War in Mali : looters attacked 'Arab' shops in Timbuktu

Rahm PWND By Sen Ted Cruz

It is things like this that make me love Sen Ted Cruz

Marco Rubio Responds to Ted Cruz Criticism of Immigration Reform Plan