Sunday, December 9, 2012

benjamin netanyahu 28 years old

Milton Friedman: The Value of Imports

Penguin Falls Down - The Sound They Make Is Classic

Mary Matalin slams Paul Krugman: ‘Are you an economist or a polemicist?’

Mary Matalin slams Paul Krugman: ‘Are you an economist or a polemicist?’ Read more: Daily Caller

Democrats push for higher taxes in debt deal

Mother Dolphin Carries Dead Baby Calf For Days

Report: Iran nuclear enrichment site virtually complete

The battle for Syria filled with uncertainty

Egypt's Morsi fails to impress opposition

[In Arabic] The use of chemical weapons at the Ambassador City 12/08/2012

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Stray Dog Runs 1200 Miles Across China

Christmas spirit: Hungarian santas undress for to help the poor

[AWESOME] Adrenaline wheelchair sports

AP Top Stories

Thomas Sowell on Equality, Affirmative Action and Welfare

[RED LINE ANYONE??] Evidence of Chemical weapons in Syria

Newt Gingrich: Republicans Today Would Be ‘Incapable Of Competing’ Against Hillary Clinton In 2016

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2,000 Obama Supporters Lined Up For Free Housing Get Pepper Sprayed by Police

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2,000 Obama Supporters Lined Up For Free Housing Get Pepper Sprayed by Police (Video)

Enemy's face is revealed: Israeli PM and president react to Hamas leader...

Arab League pledges aid to Palestinians

State of the Union - Congress bans the word 'lunatic' from U.S. code

NFL Faces Joshua Price-Brent Conviction, Jovan Belcher Murder-suicide: '...

Netahyahu: 1967 Lines Are Indefensible, Can't Negotiate With a Governme...

Robert Mugabe has vowed to reclaim his party's former dominance in the c...

Argentinian antisemitism: Jewish banker Eduardo Saiegh exposes historic ...

A Look Back On The Life of Winston by Chris Wallace - Fox News Sunday -...

Pro and anti-Syrian regime militants clash in Lebanon

Israeli Ambassador to US Michael Oren Interviewed by Chris Wallace - Fox...

Egypt's Morsi annuls controversial decree

I have said it before: If he has the power to annul them then it is implicit that he has the power to reinstate them. The only appropriate thing would be for him to be removed from office.

Chavez admits cancer relapse, designates heir apparent

Censorship and "Unlearning Liberty" at College: Q&A with FIRE's Greg Luk...

GOP Senator Bob Corker: Raise Tax Rates From 26% to 29%

The rise of self-publishing

Dallas Cowboys Joshua Price-Brent is Charged With Manslaughter After Tea...

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Confronted With Hypocrisy On Filibuster And Ob...

Israel casts doubts over Palestinian reconciliation efforts

US to join Taliban for future of Afghanistan: Syed Ali Wasif

Syrian Government May Turn to Chemical Weapons to Put Down Revolt

Benedict XVI: Salvation is not the work of man

Benedict XVI: The essential meaning of Christmas

American Doctor Rescued From the Taliban

Restaurant Patrons Receive Check Criticizing Their Weight

Iranian warships in Sudan: Israel and Gulf states anxious over Tehran's ...

Hanukkah 2012: Moscow lights Grand Menorah

London Mega Mosque Blocked: plan to build one of Europe's largest mosque...

Surprise Homecoming! Shai Culver & Michael Culver - Salute The Troops - ...

Syrian Jihad: international Islamist fighters within FSA want to build p...

Morsi backs down: Revokes power grab, referendum on constitution still up

Technion leads unorthodox Hanukkah 2012 celebrations with inventive cand...

European organizations boycott Israeli Jewish settlements

Gun Sales Have Soared Since Re-Election - Emily Miller - Fox & Friends S...

Bringing Jewish and non-Jewish Together

Growing Fears That Syria is Preparing For Chemical Attack - Brigitte Ga...

Egyptians Arrest Benghazi Attack Suspect - Erick Stakelbeck - Lt. Col. T...

Judge Jeanine: "We Don't Mean What We Say" Re: WH on Middle-East - Openi...

Huckabee: A threat to Israel is a threat to the US

Syrian opposition wary of government informers

Coming Back After Sandy: A View of the Rockaways

EU calls for labeling of products from illegal Israeli settlements

I fear we are getting very close to a repeat of the Nazis. Its starts with this, then ALL Israeli goods, then Israelis, the Jews etc..

Zimbabwe's Mugabe to fight for re-election

Does anyone think he would step down if he lost?

Marburg and Kassel: A Tale of the Brothers Grimm | Discover Germany

How does cease-fire impact US foreign policy?

Chavez to undergo further surgery

El Paso police take down drug dealer tied to Mexican cartel